2022 IDH Annual Report shows collaboration is crucial to sustainability

Partnerships in agriculture and commodity sectors improved working conditions, reduced environmental damage and boosted livelihoods in 2022

10 July 2023 – IDH has released its 2022 Annual Report, which shows how the work of IDH and partners resulted in positive social and environmental impacts in a year of complex social, climactic and political instabilities.

In 2022, IDH brought business and government together who are changing the conditions of the current market system that create inequality and degrade the environment. IDH believes in the power of markets to create sustainable solutions for the public good, and in 2022 this worked through tools to improve wages, forest monitoring to reduce deforestation, combating gender-based violence in agriculture, and giving farmers better access to finance.

Throughout the year IDH collaborated with partners from large multinationals, governments, brands and SMEs operating in 55 countries to implement projects and programs across sectors including coffee, cocoa, palm oil, aquaculture and apparel, and raising €42.7m private investment co-funding in sustainable business practices and field level innovations.

Through collaboration:

5 major retailers in Belgium committed to improving worker living wages in the banana sector (following Dutch and German retail commitments)
77% of preventable fire, electrical and structural building issues were remediated in textile factories in Vietnam and India
105,093 new job opportunities were created in the Ghanian grain industry
60,000 tea workers were reached through women’s safety workshops in India
716k farming households received a higher net income (136k of which were female)
395k hectares of soil was restored and rehabilitated

“2022 presented our team and partners with complex challenges but also new opportunities. The breakdown of many traditional systems also created space to rethink and rebuild those which have contributed to our current global dilemmas of inequality, and environmental degradation. Led by our guiding belief in human ingenuity to solve the world’s complex problems, we are encouraged by what we see as a widespread movement of many rising to the challenge of creating a more positive future for all.”

Daan Wensing, CEO, IDH

Along with an exploration of IDH’s impact themes – Better Jobs, Better Incomes, Better Environment, and Gender Equality – the 2022 IDH Annual Report provides in-depth examples of how IDH puts market transformation into action through collaboration.

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