2,413 individuals trapped in North Sikkim landslide rescued

Chungthang, June 17: Under the guidance of the Chief Minister PS Tamang, rescue operation was conducted at Pegong Chungthang, North Sikkim, today following a massive landslide. The operation, led by the Road Minister Samdup Lepcha, brought together key stakeholders including the Heads of Departments of Chungthang Sub-Division, the Officer Commanding of the General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF), engineers from GREF, and members of the local Panchayat. Their combined efforts resulted in the successful rescue of 2,413 individuals who were trapped in the affected area.

The landslide, which occurred in the early hours of June 16, had left the residents of Pegong Chungthang stranded and in desperate need of assistance. The swift action taken by the authorities ensured that rescue operations were promptly initiated.

Medical teams were also present to provide immediate medical attention to the injured, ensuring their well-being throughout the evacuation process.

In addition to the rescue operation, the GREF committed to the local community, stating that a new bridge would be constructed within a short period. This assurance brings hope to the residents of Pegong Chungthang, as it will provide a much-needed lifeline and prevent future incidents of isolation during times of emergency.

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