3 Tech start-ups easing shopping vows this festive season

In India, October and November are the festive months, with the markets abuzz with people during this time. They can be seen splurging on significant purchases such as new vehicles, electronics, goods, apparel, and gifts for family and friends. However, if you’ve recently visited any central marketplace, you might have witnessed plenty of people without masks.

Adjusting to the demands of the pandemic, a large chunk of consumers are migrating to virtual and live platforms for their retail purchases. In fact, consumers are resorting to augmented and virtual reality to shop for everything directly from their comfort zone, right from fashion goods and furniture to kitchen appliances.

Here are a few tech players who are offering these new-age solutions to customers for not only tackling the pandemic situation but also taking the shopping experience to a whole new level:

1- Proxgy

Gurugram based Proxgy (Everywhere as a Service Private Limited) was founded in 2020 by Pulkit Ahuja. Proxgy is enabling users to experience life and interact with the World on a hitherto unexplored tangent. With a pioneering combination of Live Assisted Commerce providing ‘Everywhere’ as a Service (EaaSe)’, Proxgy aims to let users shop, travel, recce, research, visit real estate and virtually teleport themselves to any place of their choice at a moment’s notice.

Proxgy’ssuper cool smart helmets further provide live and immersive access to generic travel destinations, showrooms, shopping malls, real estate properties, and more. A user can surf real-time locations using the six-axis stabilized hands-free streaming technology. The users have option to experience between 360 degree and 3D experience modes. The technology can reduce the cost and hassle of travelling physically and save a lot of productive time for users without compromising on their experience.

2- Drapr

Drapr is an e-commerce startup and online application based on technology that enables customers to create 3D avatars and virtually try different clothing styles quickly. Drapr has been designed to help customers find the best clothing size and fit for their personal style and body type while assisting retailers in reducing unnecessary returns.


Janani.ai was founded by Nilay Mehrotra in the year 2020. It aims to make infertility treatment and assisted fertilization more accessible and highly affordable for the masses. The startup operates at the intersection of the modern latest technology and excellent medical care to maximize success chances of conceiving. Janani is creating an AI and computer vision tool to help remove the subjectivity of embryologists while choosing the right embryo. This will increase the success rate of IVF and eventually help lower the costs. In October 2020, the startup secured INR 1.5 crore in the pre-seed funding backed by 9Unicorns, an India-first idea phase accelerator Venture Capital Fund. The company, as of now, plans to use the new funds to create better infertility treatment solutions

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