5 brands that made game-changing moves in 2021 for Real Estate Industry

In today’s tech-centric world, digital platforms are essential to connect with prospective customers. Businesses today can accelerate their growth because they transitioned from conventional models to digital ones. The customer base is much more accessible in the digital medium, and the best way for businesses to allure them is by employing a digital marketing stratagem. This is much more imperative when the business in question is real estate.

For a service centered on face-to-face interactions and which relies heavily on customers interacting with their possible surroundings, it might seem like the robustness that digital marketing could provide is trivial at best. However, this notion is absolutely nascent. According to the Global Web Index’s Social Media Trends 2019 report, an average Indian user spends close to 2.5 hours a day online. This can be translated as every real estate company getting a 2.5-hour window of opportunity split across different periods to connect with their prospective customer base in just a single day. If precisely capitalized, this opportunity is nothing short of a gold mine that needs to be immediately seized. Digital marketing accords real estate companies the platform to do just that.

Square Yards: Square Yards is India’s largest tech-led brokerage and mortgage marketplace; a unique O2O B-B-C transaction and aggregator platform for both real estate and mortgages. Square Yards is one of the most innovative, largest, fastest-growing e-commerce enabled platforms in India with products across the value chain.

Xanadu Realty: A real estate b2b consultancy firm started in 2015 by industry veterans Anurag Singhvi & R Karthik. The firm is known as an Institutional solution provider for product management in Real Estate. Xanadu Realty, India’s foremost institutional expert for the real estate sector, has delivered high-performance solutions for developers across markets and helped them grow through a turbulent year. Xanadu uses technology to improve efficiencies, enhance consumer experience and maintain quick turnaround. Developers are experiencing huge impacts on sales no matter how established they are. This is prompting them to re-look at how they reach out to their customers and maintain the relationship with them built over the years. This has given an opportunity to the likes of Xanadu Realty to step in and help the developers in sales and marketing efforts.

360 Realtors: 360 Realtors is a renowned name in real estate advisory services that beliefs in the principle of making every real estate experience a simple and successful execution from dream to reality. This company is considered to be the doorway to the assets in the capital city of India.

Insomniacs: Insomniacs, India’s only real estate-focused marketing, data analytics, and technology network aims to reshape the digital world by creating a customized environment for every business. The business model of the brand is four-fold: Creative solutions – retainer and fixed-fee technology, SaaS subscription and customization, performance marketing commission on spending, and finally, retainers for handling the digital ecosystem. The platform also runs social media management for startups and established enterprises and offers the much-needed creative push towards overall profitability and productivity. The firm has served a broad spectrum of clients, including Hiranandani Developers, Adani, K Raheja Corp, Emaar India, ABIL Group, Berkshire Hathaway, India Sotheby International Realty.

Inspire Co-spaces: Inspire Co-spaces is India’s fastest-growing chain of co-working spaces. The company is co-founded by Amit Sathe and Nishith Aggarwal, who share 40 years of combined experience in commercial real estate. Inspire Co. caters to small businesses, startups, freelancers, conducting interviews and business meetings, organizing events, and workshops. Inspire Co Spaces is located in the prime location of Andheri, Goregaon, Thane, and Belapur. The workspace comes across in a convenient location, which will give you access to hospitals, secure connectivity to transport, entertainment spots, and signature restaurants. Among others situated in a landmark identity, the place is easily recognized. Whether the requirement is personal or professional, Inspire is a tech-based workspace as 99 percent space is contact-free hand wash, urinal, and light electricity. It will be motion-based, voice command, or sensor-based. Often, we have to send a mail to H.R. or call multiple times to get our problems solved, but in Inspires Co-spaces, you don’t need to interact; you get your problems solved on your own with the help of an app.


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