5 Software Intelligence Platforms Strengthening Banking & Healthcare Infrastructure

The rapid advancement of technology in the digital age has presented the banking and healthcare industries with unprecedented volumes of data, posing significant challenges in data management and security. The need to navigate complex environments, improve decision-making processes, and strengthen overall infrastructure has become paramount. A range of software intelligence platforms has risen to the occasion, offering innovative solutions tailored to the customized needs of these sectors.

We bring you a curated list of five leading software intelligence platforms that have made a significant impact in empowering the banking and healthcare industries. These platforms have proven instrumental in addressing the unique complexities faced by these sectors, enabling them to optimize operations, enhance data security, and unlock valuable insights from their data repositories. By leveraging the capabilities of these software intelligence platforms, banks and healthcare providers can streamline processes, make informed decisions, and ultimately deliver exceptional services to their customers and patients.


Dynatrace stands at the forefront of software intelligence platforms, offering real-time insights into the performance and health of vital banking and healthcare applications. Through its cutting-edge software intelligence platform, Dynatrace takes a holistic approach to monitor, analyze, and optimize intricate IT ecosystems. By seamlessly combining extensive observability, continuous runtime application security, and advanced AIOps capabilities, Dynatrace empowers organizations to extract valuable insights and leverage intelligent automation on a large scale. With the help of this platform, businesses can embark on the journey of modernizing and automating their cloud operations, accelerate software delivery while ensuring enhanced security measures, and ultimately provide impeccable digital experiences to their customers. Dynatrace’s comprehensive software intelligence solution is poised to revolutionize how organizations in the banking and healthcare sectors manage and optimize their critical applications, driving efficiency and excellence in their operations.

New Relic

New Relic offers a connected and comprehensive platform that provides real-time insights and actionable information for users to manage their stack effectively. With AI assistance, users can correlate issues across their system, troubleshoot infrastructure proactively, and identify the root causes faster. The platform integrates infrastructure health, performance, and customer impact analysis, simplifying monitoring through dashboards, alerts, and integrations. New Relic also offers Instant Observability quickstarts for easy monitoring setup and integration.


Tableau is renowned for its extensive visual business intelligence and analytics platforms. The company’s analytic software portfolio. With its extensive data source connections, embedded analytics features, and Tableau Public for data visualization and sharing, Tableau empowers users to make the most of their data. Tableau Online, hosted in the cloud, eliminates the need for companies to handle software upgrades, scale hardware capacity, or configure servers. Tableau Server also facilitates self-service analytics with comprehensive documentation.


Looker offers a business intelligence and data analytics platform that leverages its unique modeling language called LookML. This platform seamlessly connects with various relational databases, automatically generating data models for different schemas. With Looker Blocks, pre-built pieces of code, companies can expedite their analytics projects. LookML enables data modeling, allowing the definition of data models and their reference in multiple locations.


Sisense offers user-friendly BI software that empowers organizations to extract meaningful business insights from complex data, regardless of its size or source. With Sisense, users can effortlessly combine data and uncover valuable insights through an intuitive interface, eliminating the need for scripting, coding, or external assistance. This software streamlines the process of preparing, managing, and securing data, eliminating the dependency on IT or additional technologies. Sisense equips users with advanced capabilities, enabling them to become analytical experts with instant response times and intelligent shortcuts.

The banking and healthcare industries face significant challenges in managing their data and optimizing their operations. However, with the emergence of software intelligence platforms such as Dynatrace, New Relic, Tableau, Looker, and Sisense, these sectors can harness the power of data to drive informed decision-making, improve customer experiences, and enhance overall infrastructure. By leveraging these platforms, banks and healthcare providers can stay competitive in an increasingly digital landscape and deliver exceptional services to their customers and patients.

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