5 ways to include Nuts & Dried Fruits in your everyday meals

Nuts are a great source of key nutrients like monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, folic acid, protein, and dietary fibre, and they’re also quick and healthy snacks. It advisable to eat a fistful of mixed nuts every day, to keep the energy levels high and boost immunity. The question however is, how do you go about incorporating them into your diet? Do you have a jar on your desk at work? Fill a specific pouch in your office bag, or pop them as soon as you walk in the door? While some of these tactics are highly advised, our hectic schedules often prevent us from including key foods like almonds in our regular diets. Here are some quick and easy ways to make sure you get your daily dosage of nuts and dried fruits curated by VKC Nuts, India’s leading fully integrated Nuts & Dried Fruit Company.

Nuts & Dry Fruits can easily be included in one’s meals and snacks, reducing the amount of time we need to set aside for them. As promised, here are the fast strategies:

Include them in salads- The most convenient and yummy way to include nuts is to toss them in your salads. While at work or at restaurant, simply take them out from your bag and top up your plate with these springs of goodness. You’ll be fuller for longer, and the salad’s texture will be a lot more fascinating.

Add nuts to your curries and sauces – Dry roasted nuts can be added to any curry or veggie at the very end or blended in the curry base. Nuts give rich texture and flavour to the dishes and add to the health value. Cashews are a very commonly used ingredient in curry pastes, while walnuts add to the crunch. Pastas with spinach, broccoli, and other greens complement thinly sliced almonds well. You’ll soon discover that you enjoy the fresh nutty flavours.

Whip up a breakfast smoothie- A perfect on the go breakfast or snack options are nuts and dried fruits blended with yogurt or milk of your choice. Mixed berries and nuts together make up for a flavoursome smoothie option. You don’t need no added sugar.

Use powdered nuts as thickening agents in soups and casseroles- Powdered nuts, especially almonds work very well as thickening ingredients instead of refined flour and butter-and-cheese roux. They thicken low-fat milk and yoghurt beautifully while also imparting their own particular flavour.

Nuts can be added to fruit or other natural food desserts- The key is to keep portion limits in mind. So, if you’re planning on serving a fruit dessert in a tiny dish, add your daily suggested dose of almonds to the top. In fact, a delicious and healthful dessert is cut bananas with clove honey, sliced almonds and walnuts, and a touch of powdered cinnamon on top.

A few more tips to help you get started with including nuts into your regular diet- Keeping track of your portions and sticking to your daily calorie allowance is very crucial. Nuts dipped in chocolate sauce make for a delicious and guilt-free dessert option.

At the end of the day, making a conscious effort to include nuts in your daily diet goes a long way. While each meal and snack keep you full for longer, it gives a boost to energy and immunity.

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