7CAFÉ introduces Gullu Gullu Coffee Beanie characters in a first-of-its kind VR concert experience

Media OutReach – 21 December 2021 – Available
around the clock at over 200 7-Eleven stores island wide, 7CAFÉ is adding even
more excitement to your coffee experience and proud to introduce the Gullu
Coffee Beanies – a trio of cute coffee bean characters to brighten up
your day! This little team of helpers work tirelessly behind the scenes
roasting and brewing to perfect each and every cup of 7CAFÉ. To celebrate their
debut, they’re putting on a virtual concert to remember and everyone’s invited!
Grab yourself a cup of 7CAFÉ and watch them perform for a chance to get your
hands on one of 10,000 $1 off 7CAFÉ vouchers being given away absolutely free!

Say hello
to the Gullu Gullu Coffee Beanies

Inside every 7CAFÉ coffee machine lives a lively
trio of Gullu Gullu Coffee Beanies who are hard at work day and night creating
delicious cups of coffee to get you in a good mood.




Chief Roasting Beanie

Gullu is one smart cookie and
knows his stuff when it comes to coffee. He’s constantly studying up on
unique roasting techniques to bring out the best flavours from the beans to ensure
each cup of 7CAFÉ meets his high standards and puts a smile on everybody’s

Chief Flavour Beanie

Cute, curious and a bit of
trendsetter, Bullu is in charge of making sure every cup of 7CAFÉ tastes
great and finding new and exciting flavours to surprise and delight.

Chief Aroma Beanie

This plump little rabbit is always on the hunt for
the best beans and sniffing out for the choicest aromas. Fun-loving and
loyal, he is Gullu and Bullu’s constant companion.

The Gullu Gullu Coffee Beanies will be
making their grand debut at a first-of-its-kind VR concert, and we want you to
join in too and experience the show for yourselves! Watch the trio put on a
unique virtual reality experience, playing a variety of instruments direct from
their technicolour coffee bean island, with Gullu taking centre stage as
conductor. But be warned, the super catchy tune they perform will be stuck in
your head for days!

To join them at the VR concert, get
yourself an aromatic cup of 7CAFÉ and scan the QR code on the
limited-edition 7CAFÉ cup*. Grab one before they’re gone!  Watch them perform whilst sipping a freshly
brewed cup of 7CAFÉ to enjoy a true treat for the senses. Put yourself at the
centre of the action by experiencing the concert in 360°
­by simply tilting your smartphone to explore the vibrant VR world of Gullu and
his friends!

*This QR code does not apply to 7CAFÉ Iced coffee cups.

Get one of 10,000 free $1 off 7CAFÉ e-vouchers!

After watching the
concert, you will get the chance to score a $1 off 7CAFÉ e-voucher! From 15
December (9am), a grand total of 10,000 $1 off 7CAFÉ e-vouchers will be
given away* to spread a little
happiness during the holiday season! During the promotion, simply scan the QR
code on your hot 7CAFÉ cup to visit the 7CAFÉ
x Gullu Gullu VR Concert
site, follow the instructions and answer an easy
multiple-choice question. Register with your email address and, if you answer
correctly, your e-voucher will be directly emailed to you!

* The e-voucher giveaway ends on 24 Dec 2021 or while stocks last,
whichever is earlier. Voucher redemption at stores ends on 1 Jan 2022.


How to enter

From 15 Dec (9am), buy a hot cup of
7CAFÉ and scan the code on the cup to visit the 7CAFÉ x Gullu Gullu VR

There are two ways to
navigate and enjoy the concert in panoramic mode ­– swipe the screen
or tilt your phone to explore the virtual world in 360° with Gullu and his friends.

Watch the concert and
count up all the Gullu Gullu Coffee Beanies you can find!

Then answer a simple multiple-choice
question for a chance to win after registering your email address. If you can’t
remember how many Gullu Gullu Coffee Beanies there are, watch the concert again!

promotions and updates can also always be found on the official 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook and 7-Eleven Singapore Instagram pages.

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