A food hub start-up, Zippyfeed got funding of ₹ 2,00,00,000 in an angel funding round

Zippyfeed’ – a food hub company has raised ₹ 2,00,00,000 in an angel funding round holding an overall valuation of $ 1.7M, The company has also received excellent attention fr­­­­­om numerous investors, as Confirmed by Jayant R Shobhawat – Co-Founder & CEO ‘Zippyfeed’. This funding has brought multiple opportunities for us to rise as an organization from the foundation of being a start-up, this is where ‘Zippyfeed’ can make a drastic change for its founding members to grow in numbers in the coming future.

Zippyfeed aims to bring in drastic changes in the coming future by introducing numerous employment opportunities, and technology to increase productivity. This is eventually going to speed up the pace and Growth of the company there are also plans to enter in other major working fields soon.” said Jayant Shobhawat, CEO & Founder of Zippyfeed.

‘Zippyfeed’ was initially a start-up idea to provide appetite in a unique way by producing and serving quality food. Subsequently after exploring every immediate & casual cause, ‘Zippyfeed’ focused on engaging more outlets by bringing in new clients seeking food franchises, as confirmed by Jayant R Shobhawat – CEO ‘Of Zippyfeed’. This made the start-up: ‘Zippyfeed – A Food Hub company’ turn to a Food Franchise company apart from being just a food outlet. Starting an online Cloud Kitchen from nowhere in 2017 to bring in a whole manufacturing unit for its own food outlets in 2020 followed up by introducing investment packages for the public with regularity has resulted in a high-level transformation for this Start-up.

Jayant Shobhawat gives us a basic idea about how the franchise investment works in ‘Zippyfeed’, Zippyfeed’s food business module focuses on having a legitimate relationship with the clients seeking franchise requirements, they do not only help in setting up the whole outlet & maintaining and providing lifelong reliable services making it a balanced and easy environment for the client. The model focuses on ease of starting up and is used for even the first-time franchise owner.

The manufacturing unit – the Frozen Food Factory of ‘Zippyfeed’ known as ‘Kronaus Frozen Foods’ is another brand & runs a business of manufacturing & selling frozen food not only for Zippyfeed but also offered nationwide.

Delicious, fresh & healthy food, long shelf life, safe-hygienic transportation, etc. are the mantra of Kronaus.

The Founder of the company has also introduced Chai-19 in the year 2019 for Hot Beverages. These are some of the brands from ‘Zippyfeed’ majorly known for their quality & service. “Affirmation of 150+ upcoming outlets by the end of the year 2022,” said Konika Suwalka, CBDO of Zippyfeed.

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