A friend in need is a friend indeed: proves the Jai-Veeru of content creation!

Friendship ki Kahani, Kabhi roasting, Kabhi gaali! Finding your tribe can be a struggle initially, but once you set the vibe, you develop a relationship for a lifetime! Your partners and jobs may come and go, but your friends will ensure that you stay sane even if you’re drowning. Don’t they make everything easy with their silly jokes, roasts, and most importantly, just being there?

Although friendships develop over time through shared experiences; however, they can happen at the most random events and funny encounters. This Friendship’s Day, top creators Feroz Khan and Shoeb Khan, famously known as ‘Jai and Veeru of Udaipur,’ explain how they became friends for a lifetime by creating content on Moj! Wait, is that the new Tinder Social? Just like how Tanmay Bhatt calms Aishwarya Mohanraj and Dolly Singh deeply understands Komal Pandey’s emotions, Feroz and Shoeb compliment each other.

Both Feroz and Shoeb come from humble backgrounds. While they lived in the same colony, they discovered each other only by creating content on Moj and decided to create content together. They helped each other in terms of ideating content, shooting videos, managing finances, crises, and family issues and proved that “Ek Ki Yaari, Sab pe Bhaari”. They together worked on educating their town that content creation is an actual profession when they were looked down upon. And the story for another influencer friendship duo starts!

Commenting on their friendship, Popular Creator Shoeb Khan said, “It’s important to find friends who understand your needs, you can speak to them regarding anything, and they’ll have your back. I am lucky to have found Firoz, who understands me and helps me with my career, personal life, and basically everything. We have gone through our shares of highs and lows, but the one thing that has remained constant is our support for each other. He is my number one cheerleader.”

While Shoeb and Feroz are always there for each other to navigate through difficult times, they also help each other ideate new content and help each other reach their goals.

Feroz Khan, a top creator and Shoeb’s BFF, added, “Finding Shoeb has had a great impact on my life. I can count on him for anything that comes across in my life. What was the possibility of finding a friend so close that too on a short video platform? Well, I consider my stars lucky that I get to endure this friendship! What you see on your mobile screens is a sneak peek of how much we love to roast each other, and that’s our way of expressing that we are there for each other, no matter what!”

Shoeb and Feroz show how true friends can be found anywhere, especially in the most unexpected places. Their relationship also proves that the process of content creation not only provides an outlet for creators to express themselves but it also helps build connections that can last for a lifetime.

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