A Guide to Crafting Powerful Equipment in Road To Valor: Empires

Greetings, fearless commanders! As you lead your troops to victory in Road To Valor: Empires, it is crucial to equip them with top-notch gear. Road to Valor: Empires is KRAFTON’s latest thrilling player vs player strategy game. In this guide, we’ll explore the art of crafting equipment for your warriors, empowering them to conquer any challenge. Discover the secrets of creating formidable gear that can increase attack speed, reduce damage taken, and make the winning difference for your deck!

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Explore The Armory’s Vast Array of Choices:

Players can choose from a variety of equipment such as:

Weapons: Equipping a weapon will give your unit additional abilities to stun, immobilize, inflict increased charge damage or reduces damage taken by shield. Equip the Myth Destroyer, Steel Predator, and Shock Hammer among many more to find creative ways to defeat the competition.
Armors & Shields: Effectively resist, evade and reverse enemy attacks by picking the equipment best suited for each unit. Choose from a range of options like Protector’s Armor, Nature’s Blessing, Tempest Boots, Great Shield, and many more.
Building Resources: Buildings can provide important strategic advantages on the battlefield. Since they are on the ground for a limited time and get targeted first by the enemy, it is important to maximize their effect for as long as possible. Quick Repair Tool, Toolbox, Sturdy Resources etc. can help strengthen your buildings and retain them for a longer duration on the battlefield.
Hunt for Rare Equipment

Equipment comes in common and rare varieties and provides higher powers at rare levels. For example, the Tempest Boots at the common level increase movement speed by 5%. But at the rare level, this boost jumps to an impressive 12.5%. Remember, rarer gear often grants greater power, so keep an eye out for those elusive treasures!

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Master the Art of Forging

Once your equipment reaches level 10, it’s time to master the craft of forging. To forge stronger gear, you’ll need two items of the same level. By combining them through forging, you unlock their true potential, granting your troops even more power.

Good luck, brave commanders, and may your troops always be adorned with the finest gear forged by your hands!

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