A study of the major land acquisition in G Square Industrial Estate by Dalmia Cements

Dalmia Cements recently purchased close to 110 acres of prime industrial land in the G Square Industrial Estate project. The acquisition comes as a major development and is likely to bring even more popularity the already well-known project in Arakkonam.

The manufacturing sector in Tamil Nadu has been experiencing a rapid growth in the recent years. The state has been consistent in their efforts to keep manufacturing and production at a high level. Keeping a high level of manufacturing is beneficial to any state because it leads to an increase in employment and also provides an economic boom. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Tamil Nadu recorded an economic growth of almost 6% in the previous financial year. This is quite inspiring, considering the looming effects of the pandemic.

In order to reap the benefits of the economic growth, many industries are setting up their manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu. It is just only the economic prospects, but also the many other factors that make the state very viable for setting up industries and production plants. Tamil Nadu is one of the countries largest economies and was infact the second biggest economy in the financial year 2020. They recorded a GDP of close to 8.65% in the FY-2020 which is remarkable considering how the pandemic disrupted the entire nation. Tamil Nadu also offers a very skilled workforce to the industries. The workforce is not only motivated but also quite educated. This can be discerned from the fact that the state has over half a million students graduating each year. Then there are the logistic benefits. Tamil Nadu is close to all the major cities and provides excellent industrial corridors to all the major cities. The state also has multiple airports, sea ports, railway transportation and excellent road connectivity. Considering these benefits, it is no surprise that major industries are setting their base in Tamil Nadu.

Another highlight of the industrial set up in Tamil Nadu is the G Square Industrial Estate project. This 400-acre project is unique in its design and utility. The project is located in Arakkonam which is close to all the major cities and towns in Tamil Nadu. This ensures that there are always sufficient labour options for the industries. The project offers work ready industrial land at a very affordable rate, which makes it lucrative for industries to set up their branch in Tamil Nadu. The project is also very well connected to the rest of the country which makes it easy to acquire and transport raw materials. The project has a dedicated railway siding that runs direct into the estate. This ensures that those who are working in the project do not have to travel far. The project also comes with a helipad that can be of assistance in case of emergencies.

There are also many other benefits such as abundant water supply, availability of power substations etc. What might also have attracted cement companies such as Dalmia Cement is the fact that the project comes with all the necessary approvals. This means that the work can be started immediately upon acquisition and there are no unnecessary delays.


Considering the multiple benefits of setting up an industry in G Square Industrial Estate, it comes as no shock that Dalmia Cements has decided to invest heavily into the project. The move is welcomed by all industry experts who predict that it will catapult Tamil Nadu into long standing economic success.

*The given information is not acquired from official sources and is speculative. Neither parties have accepted or denied the information that has been written above.

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