AAP KI ADALAT: “In a country of 140 crore, 15-20 lynching incidents took place, action were taken in all cases”, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan tells Rajat Sharma

NEW DELHI, July 18.- Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has derided what he called ‘playing to the gallery’ in incidents related to lynching of Muslims. He was replying to questions from Rajat Sharma in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ show on India TV. Khan was asked about UP AIMIM leader Shoukat Ali’s charge that Muslims are being lynched, bank ATMs are being ‘blacklisted’ in Muslim localities and those wearing skull caps and sporting beard are being targeted.

Khan replied: ” One must first decide what to say, where to say and how much to say. If you want to just play to the gallery, then go on making irresponsible remarks. Till 1986, people in India had almost forgotten the hate generated by violence during 1947 Partition, but in 1986 (after Shah Bano judgement), these people started saying our community and identity is different.”

“As far as lynching over cow slaughter is concerned, only 10-15 or 20 incidents have taken place in a country of 140 crore. Lynching needs to be condemned, but you can’t stop crimes everywhere. Action was taken against those involved in lynching. You can question why the accused were allowed to go scot-free, but action was taken”.

When Rajat Sharma said, Muslims have been complaining that a movie like ‘The Kerala Story’ was made with the aim to target them, Khan replied: “It’s a wonderful atmosphere in Kerala. At one of my meetings, a Muslim youth asked me why a Kerala-like atmosphere cannot happen in northern India. You see, in Kerala, nobody says, this is a Hindu or Muslim language, or says this is a Muslim culture or a Hindu culture. Nobody says, this is Hindu food or Muslim food. They wear the same dress, eat the same food. The atmosphere is so good that some forces do try to disturb peace. A Christian professor ( T. J. Joseph) had his hand chopped on charge of blasphemy by activists of an outfit (PFI) recently banned. There are some people with mischievous minds and some with ulterior motives, who want to disturb peace. I think it is wrong to link one man’s crime to an entire community. So, if you adopt the Kerala way of life, the situation will change in other states too. ”

On madarsas, Arif Mohammad Khan said, “madarsas have been mushrooming in India and there is no control over them. No other Islam country has the number of big madarsas that India has, in Deoband, Nadwa, Bareilly and other places. Ask these big madarsas to open their branches in other Islamic countries. They will not get permission. In India, everybody has permission. Only requirement is, you stay within the limits of law.”

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