Aaquib Wani to join hands with local artisans to keep the native art forms alive, reveals on social audio platform Swell

● Aaquib Wani, a designer at heart, shares his studio’s philosophy and favorite projects

● Shares his modern visual art project and initiatives for local artisans to keep the traditional art forms alive

● Talks about his music journey 101 and extends a collaborative hand with young and budding musicians

India, 23, March 2021: Aaquib Wani, a self-taught experiential designer, art director and musician, recently took to asynchronous social audio platform Swell to share an in-depth view into his artistdom. His journey is dotted with a vision and artistic agenda that spans beyond just creating traditional art. Aaquib is passionate about creating one-of-a-kind of pieces loved and adorned by many.

Talking about his studio, projects and philosophy

Aaquib’s studio excels at combining traditional graphic design elements with fashion, art, and styling to something unique and extraordinary. Experiments being one of their fortes, Wani spoke at length about how he absolutely loves taking up challenges. He says, “Nothing gives them more pleasure than taking up challenges”. Having ties and worked with a variety of renowned brands, he deems the gigantic Ambani wedding as one of their key projects. Adding to the same, Wani also considers his ‘wearable art’ project as one of his most desired projects, he quotes the project as his way “of giving back to the community”.

Jackets featuring hand-painted work by local artisans for local artisans

Wani delves into his customized and vibrant jackets that caught a lot of eyeballs. His ‘wearable art’ campaign included leather jackets, pieces of denim, boots, purses and featured exclusive art hand-painted by local artists, the proceeds of which went to the struggling artisans. In addition, he is also in the middle of bringing out a collection featuring indigenous art and is thus looking to join hands with local artisans. The intent is to keep the native art form alive and help out the small-time artisans.

Looking to collaborate with budding musicians

Aaquib kick-started his career as a musician before discovering his love for art and colours. When asked about his music career, he revealed that his love for music will always be alive and so will his admiration to work with musicians even after leaving the band. During the conversation, he emphasized collaborating with fresh blood in the music industry, trying to make it big. Wani revealed that he is willing to help out these budding musicians with their entire brand image, their music and what they want to put out there as visuals. All they have to do is simply reach out.

With a host of more questions from the Swell community, Aaquib articulates his interests, hobbies, his favourite designers and concludes the interview with insightful takeaways.



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