AAX Gives Keynote Speech on Financial Inclusion at Token2049

Media OutReach – 30 September 2022 –
AAX, a top-tier digital assets exchange, today unveiled its exhibition plans at Token2049 in Singapore, where Ben Caselin, VP of Global Marketing and Head of Research and Strategy, will give a keynote address on the socio-economic opportunities that digital assets present for emerging markets. He will also be participating in a panel on the subject of institutional onboarding which presents an opportunity to reflect on the growth in the digital asset space and redirect attention to the core principles that underlie bitcoin and digital assets. AAX’s exhibition booth will provide participants with greater detail and an opportunity to explore the impact and mass adoption of digital assets in emerging markets, taking the conversation beyond trading and investing to connecting with the real needs of everyday people. At the booth, visitors will also be able to learn more about AAX’s efforts around making digital assets more accessible, both at the level of infrastructure as well as product, such as the soon-to-be-launched AAX Lite app, a simpler iteration of the AAX app but with an emphasis on savings, rather than trading.
As a Token2049 Title Partner, AAX aims to support the token economy in Singapore and across the region, demonstrating the significant potential that the conference and digital assets have to help transform industries and communities in Asia and around the world. Over the two-day conference, Mr. Caselin will participate in discussions on some of the most urgent topics for digital assets, including decentralized finance, the future of crypto, and most critically, the potential of digital assets to empower people in their everyday lives.
He will explore the role that blockchain and Bitcoin can play in expanding opportunity and financial security, specifically for 6.5 billion people living in emerging markets. Too often these populations are dismissed as peripheral to global politics or finance but when it comes to the expanding use of digital assets, these markets are set to become primary sites of adoption. Mr. Caselin said:
“We are delighted to be sponsoring Asia’s premier digital asset conference, which allows us to connect with the broader community and engage in important conversations that will catalyze growth and development of financial infrastructures and opportunities in both developed markets and the emerging or high-potential economies.”
“Emerging markets have been experiencing substantial challenges that limit individuals from meaningful inclusion in the global financial system for decades. We believe digital assets will change that,” he elaborated.
At the conference, AAX will also announce the launch of AAX Trends, a subdivision of the exchange focused on driving mass adoption of Bitcoin, digital assets, and Web3 technologies through education and partnerships. The new division of the exchange strives to develop a fresh perspective, especially regarding emerging markets that have high potential with respect to the impact digital assets can have on people’s everyday lives.
“Our participation in Token2049 is instrumental to AAX’s development as we expand our services and offerings to enable digital assets in emerging markets,” said Mr. Caselin. “We anticipate that the use of digital assets will continue to expand in these economies as it fulfills a digital transaction gap, which could empower 6.5 billion people across the globe, supporting individuals, families, and their community businesses in bringing financial change at scale.”
As an exchange that believes digital assets are for everyone, AAX aspires to supporting people everywhere in accessing a digital alternative to the banking system that is easier to use, more secure, and more innovative, thereby powering a fairer and more inclusive financial system for everyone.
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