ACC’s Pragmatic Approach to Conserve Water & Create a Sustainable Environment in Odisha

ACC empowers Katapali Gram Panchayat to enhance water resources and sustainability in the agricultural district of Bargarh in Odisha
ACC and Adani Foundation provided support to the initiative under CSR, with an estimated cost of Rs 16 lakhs.
The initiative benefits the 2500-members of the community and facilitates year-round cultivation on 50 to 60 acres of land.
Ahmedabad, 20th November 2023: ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group under its CSR initiative, has taken up the responsibility of water conservation in Bargarh district of Odisha state with the aim to upgrade the groundwater levels and foster a clean and environmentally-friendly atmosphere.

In the face of Bargarh’s challenging climate, characterised by high temperature fluctuations, ACC has taken a proactive approach towards water conservation. Water scarcity poses a significant challenge to the residents in the region of Katapali that receives an annual rainfall of around 1050mm. This impacts agriculture, which is the backbone of the region’s economy. In a bid to address the issue of water scarcity in the region, ACC supported Katapali Gram Panchayat in the participatory approach to deepen the Katapali Pond. This project, involving excavation of soil from the pond, was successfully executed by ACC and Adani Foundation with an estimated cost of Rs 16 lakhs.

The deepening of Katapali Pond has significantly increased its water storage capacity. This initiative, carried out in a collaboration of community members with the village administration, promises to benefit around 2500 members of the local community significantly. Moreover, it also paves the way for a year-round cultivation on 50 to 60 acres of land area.

ACC and Adani Foundation continues to provide support in the Bargarh District, motivating other industries and organisations to prioritise and place environmental sustainability at the forefront. Their collaborative initiatives, in partnership with various stakeholders, not only addresses the immediate challenges faced by the region, but also works towards a more sustainable future for Bargarh and its people.

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