AcerSharesEarthion Sustainability Mission Milestones on Acer Green Day

• Acer calls onmore partners and suppliers to join its Earthion mission and amplify the positive impacts on the environment
• Acer extends CDP Supply Chain[1]to three tiers of suppliers
• Innovations in smart city solutions to help lower carbon footprint and promote sustainable living
• Expanding the program to form daily green habits with the Acer 21-Day Challenge
• Acer Chromebook Vero 514 is the latest addition to the Vero line of eco-conscious devices that includes laptops, desktops, monitors, projectors, accessories

Mumbai,August24, 2022:As environmental issues are becomingincreasingly pressing, Acer is urging more partners and suppliers to join forces in reducingharmful impacts to the environment and savevaluable resources by transitioning toward a circular economy.Withthe growing number of natural disasters around the world triggered by climate change, constructive and collective action is needed to address the pressing issues.

Concerted actionsare necessary as they can greatlyamplify the positive impacts made to the environment. According to theThomson Reuters Foundation[2], efforts in climate and nature issues in 2022 will need to be redoubled to slash carbon pollution accumulated from this decade, in a bid to maintain the 1.5 degrees Celsius warming ceiling and minimize the harmful impact of climate-change to the planet and its inhabitants.Understanding the urgency of the matter, Acer calls for more businesses to join the green movement and shares the progress of its environmental sustainability efforts, accomplished together with its partners, suppliers, and Acer employees on Acer Green Day with the hopes of inspiring others to do their part forthe Earth.

Acer began incorporating sustainability practices in its operations more than a decade ago. Since 2008, the companyhas introduced the CDP Supply Chain for carbon disclosure reporting to pinpoint risks and identify opportunitiesacross its supply chain, and extendedcoverage to three tiers of suppliers beginning this year.In 2013, Acer began to significantly increase the recycled content of its notebook PCpackaging. In 2017, Acer launched Project Humanity to unite all employees worldwide in creating a sustainability framework for eco-friendly initiatives and instill a green philosophywithin the company culture,with over 70% employees worldwide taking part[3].

Witha commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG), Acer launched theEarthion program in 2021 and began working closely with suppliers and partners to bring eco-friendlyinitiatives into its supply chain ecosystem, with its primary focus on energy, product design, packaging design, production, logistics, and recycling.From product design to manufacturing, Acer is wellaware of the environmental impacts behind these processes. The driving force behind Earthion is each member’s belief that its mutual collaboration can effectively create a positive impact on the environment.

As a manifestation of such efforts, Acer’s Vero line of eco-conscious devices was launched in 2021 to offer consumers greener options. Vero products intend to incorporateeco-friendlyand recycled materialsand are designed to extend their lifespansto reduce material consumption and reduce overall waste.

Responsible Manufacturing and Logistics Systems

To combatthe impact of manufacturing processes ontheenvironment, Acer has stepped up itscollaboration with partnersCompal and Quantato enhancetheirwaste management systems. From reducing the use of plastic bags in the production line, to incorporating changes towardsustainabilityto suppliers’ manufacturing system, Acer is workingtogether with its partners and suppliers to create more responsible manufacturing and logistics processes.
The elimination of excess security tape used in the pallet packing process was one of the changes made to help reduce unrecyclable waste in its logistics system.After careful assessment and testing to verify package security levels, Acer was able to removeunnecessary security tapes from itsmonitor shipments, which is expected to save about 5,500 km of tape in 2023, approximately the distance from London to New York.

Developing a carbon accounting system for Acer’s transportation activitieswas another critical step taken toward its green policy, especially as thefreight transportation and logisticsindustriescontribute to nearly 10%[4] of global greenhouse gas emissions. The system provides a unified approach to measure and report Acer’s greenhouse gas emissions from transportationand will eventually be implementedworldwide.

Vero Line of Eco-Conscious Devices
Acer launched the Vero line beginning with the Aspire Vero laptop, it’s first“green” focused laptop built with 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in the chassis and 50% PCR plastic in the keyboard caps to reduce pollution from the production of virgin plastic and waste. The device was also designed to simplify the process of repairs or upgrades to extend their lifespan, without compromisingcomputing performance and quality.

Today’s announcement of the Acer Chromebook Vero 514marks the newest addition to the Vero portfolio, which has expanded to include commercial laptops, monitors, projectors, desktops, accessories, and more, pushing the envelope of the adoption of recycled materials in its product portfolio.

TheAspire Vero’s packagingas well has been reimagined from the ground up in accordance with a design system that covers multiple product lines, device sizes and packing components. A recipient of the Red Dot Brands & Communication Design awards for packaging design, the outerbox is made from 80-85% recycled paper pulp, and plastic bagging is reduced by using paper sleeves insteadfor adapter protection. Furthermore, the laptop bag and the sheet between the keyboard is made with 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The remaining packaging is 100% recyclable, and its inner partition is even reusable: With just a few extra steps, users can turn it into an adjustable notebook stand.

Striking a balance between sustainability, use of recycled materials and product durability has always been a challenge. Acer has worked diligently with its designers and partners, including Golden Arrow, Shin Shin, Sun Young, Quanta and Wistron, to find innovative ways to implement more eco-friendlymaterials without sacrificing durability and sturdiness. As Acer moves closer towardits goal of incorporating up to 30% PCR plastic content across its core products by 2025, it continues tosearch for new and greener materials for future product development.
Smart City Solutions Helping to Save Resources

Aligned with its mission to develop more eco-friendly product designs, Acer has been working on smart city solutions that reduce the waste of resources and create more efficient and sustainable lifestyles. Across several cities, Acer has implemented a smart roadside parking and EV charging solution, which helps drivers find spacesto effectively cut idle time on the road and energy consumption, thereby reducingtrafficand lowering their carbon emission. Acer has also developed smart solutions to conserve water, monitor air quality, and improve the overall conditions of our surroundings.

Goal: Source100% Renewable Energy by 2035
The Acer Group joined the RE100 initiative in 2021 and has pledged to source 100% renewable energy by 2035. On top of launching the “Earthion” platform and adopting the CDP’s global disclosure system, Acer operations have begun utilizing green energy as early as 2011, with some locations even installing solar panels to generate their own power. As of 2020 year-end, Acer offices in over 30countries worldwide use 100% renewable energy, while 45% of energy used by the Acer Group is renewable.

Acer believes sustainability is a global effort that will need all hands on deck to make a real difference. Not only does Acer aim to provide consumers the opportunity to choose products that are more environmentally friendly, but it also wants to empower businesses to join its journeyin transitioning to a low-carbon and circular economy.

On Acer Green Day, Acer also kicked off its“21-Day Challenge” as part of its Earthion mission to encourage its employees to take green actions daily and make them a habit. That challenge has now expanded to include the employees of Acer’s partners and suppliers, as well as consumers.Consumers can take part via Instagram at #Acer21DayChallenge, which follows several hero influencerstelling their storiesaboutreducing/reusing/recycling and activities which integrate eco-friendlyactions into their lifestyles. For more information of Acer Green Day, please visit

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