Actress Ameesha Patel complies with legal process as Supreme Court granted major relief to the actor ..

In light of recent events and establishments, Actress Ameesha Patel, opens up to give her end of the story.

She says “I am inundated with messages from my fans and well wishers, regarding certain matters at Ranchi. I have since the inception of the case maintained gracefully silent that I choose to continue to keep and respectfully let the law take its due course. It is unfortunate that my silence, dignity and respect for the system has been taken advantage of by Mr.Ajay from Ranchi, who has chosen to spread an environment of bias by creating a public spectacle and to make himself famous at my expense, of what is otherwise due legal process. The complaint made with ulterior motives is wrong and will ultimately be dealt with by the court system. The Hon’ble Supreme Court is seeing through it as it deserves to be and has stayed the proceedings for cheating and breach of trust. I have never made a media spectacle of this fact, it’s below my dignity and class to stoop to such levels. I trust our judiciary to render justice and that would be the correct medium for people to know the facts. To all my fans, well wishers and supporters, I would like to assure that ALL IS WELL”

The actor further add that, “Pettiness naturally survives on falsehood and manipulation. Let’s channel our energy and focus on the good and positive things in life rather than some manipulative individuals thirst for fame fueled with cheap ulterior motives. ” Ameesha Patel

Ameesha Patel will be next seen in Gadar 2 opposite Sunny Deol and fans are excited to see the original duo from the part 1 come back together.

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