Addverb Technologies adds Veloce to power the warehouses of the future

  • Veloce enables autonomous storage and retrieval of cartons and crates upto 3.5 Mtr. height
  • The mobile picking robot allows 100% higher utilization of space as compared to conventional storage
  • Highly Effective for Retail, Grocery, Fashion & Lifestyle and E-Commerce warehouses and allows easy return handling

New Delhi, 16th December 2021: Addverb Technologies, one of the leading Robotics and Automation company in India launches its multi-carton picking mobile robot, “Veloce”, at the India Warehousing Show (IWS). The one-of-a-kind picking robot increases the storage density by higher utilization of vertical space and increases the throughput multifold, thereby helping the customer save critical cost on warehouse space and associated costly rentals.

Veloce is a goods-to-person, multi-carton picking mobile robot used to store and retrieve cartons, cases and crates. It follows a QR based guided path to navigate around the warehouse and picks only those cases that are required by the operator instead of choosing the whole rack. The robot can carry upto 8 crates and interact with various automation systems, such as picking stations, AMRs, conveyors, and ERP softwares.

Upon instruction from the Fleet Management System (FMS), Veloce follows the shortest path and performs the operation of picking and storing/retrieving the cartons. After completion, Veloce notifies the FMS and moves to the next assigned task. During this period, Veloce, which is charged in 30 minutes and can operate continuously for 4.5 hours, keeps the FMS updated about its battery status and automatically routes itself towards the charging station before it drains all. In addition to this, Veloce comes with multi-level safety and warning zones, creating a safe working environment for the workforce.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sangeet Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, Addverb Technologies says, “We are proud to add Veloce, to our portfolio of robots. The Goods To Person solution increases the picking efficiency through the ceiling and saves time and improves the capacity of the warehouse. This Robot increases our footprint globally in the flexible automation space and through Veloce we can provide customizable solutions depending on the requirement of the customer and enable faster deployments”

With the ongoing pandemic, global supply chains have come under the spotlight, putting warehouse managers under tremendous pressure to maintain a smooth flow of goods and protect employees from getting infected. Companies are now more conspicuous than ever to readily implement technologies and innovations that minimize human contact to boost efficiency.

In line with the increase in digitization and heavy adoption of technology in the industries like e-commerce, health, aviation, food and technology, fashion, grocery, retail, third party logistics, pharmaceuticals, and auto components, Addverb Technologies has introduced many products to provide automation and robotics solutions for various industries. Some of their products include AMRs (Dynamo), Sorting Robots (Zippy), Robo-Shuttle (Veloce), Carton Shuttle (Quadron), Pallet Shuttle (Cruiser), ASRS (Multi-Pro), Pick-To-Light (Rapido) and cutting edge software like Warehouse Control System (Mobinity), Warehouse Management System (Optimus), Robot Fleet Management System (Legion) and Pick-By-Voice (Khushi).

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