Advanced no-code co. Quixy launches upskilling tool for citizens to build apps

India, March 7, 2022 – Quixy, the cloud-based No-Code Enterprise Process Automation, and Application Development platform, announced the launch of the Quixy Academy for its users. The academy will help users achieve the necessary skills as per their role on the Quixy platform and leverage it to its utmost potential.

The purpose of the Academy is to introduce users to the platform and help them understand various nuances of no-code. In its initial release, Quixy Academy offers courses for basic, intermediate, and advanced app builders, as well as system admin. It will help users start from the basics and gradually upskill themselves from building simple workflow apps to complex data-centric enterprise apps. The admin course will give users an in-depth view of the admin and platform settings, which will help admins manage their organization’s account on the Quixy platform most effectively.

“Quixy Academy is our attempt to empower users to get used to the platform, its capabilities, and to extract maximum value out of Quixy”, said Guruprasad Pammi, Head – Customer Success. “The courses offered will enable users to get familiar with the intricacies and fundamentals of no-code app development. It will help users to quickly get on board with the platform and start building with Quixy, even if it’s for the first time,” he added.

The future version of the academy will allow the users to take assessment tests as part of the courses and earn badges and certifications.

Currently, the academy is accessible only for the Quixy platform users. They can access the Academy through the “help ❔ ” menu on the platform.



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