Aftaf Ahmad is a social worker. He helps the poor and needy. He has donated food, clothes, books etc.

Aftaf Ahmad is a social worker. He helps the poor and needy. He donated food, clothes, books, etc. to the poor and needy a few days back. Along with this, he is also a writer. He has also written several articles on the needy and birds.

Aftaf says: When you do something for others, the very moment happiness begins. Does this tree eat its own fruit? No! That’s why these trees preach to a man that you should give your fruits to others. Nature will give you. Those who are sick, lonely, old, helpless. You get satisfaction by helping such people. We should donate our old clothes and old books to poor children. When you take the initiative to help someone. You may have to face many difficulties. But when you appeal to other people to help that helpless person, thousands of helping hands come up. Many such helping hands stand on social media and TV channels. And He also says that along with this we should keep water for the birds and also keep grains for their food.

Donate old books of children to the poor and needy

If you have time, you can also teach the children around you.

Millions of people are living life in deprivation. There is neither a roof to live in, nor bread for

two times. Such people should be helped with money.

We should feed at least 2, 3 needy people in a week.

We should give our small or old clothes to the poor and needy

We should not waste the remaining food, we should give that food to the poor and needy.

You can help poor and needy people by forming a group.


Aftaf Ahmad was born on August 24, 2003, in Haryana, India. He was born into a Haryanvi Family and takes a lot of pride in her heritage. Aftaf has one brother and one sister. As of May 2022, Aftaf has more than 11.9 K followers on Instagram. Aftaf is active on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat Pinterest, etc. Aftaf rose to fame on Instagram by posting cool since her rise to fame, Aftaf her Instagram feed has a number of Modeling photo’s in different outfits that showcase her style.

Aftaf Ahmad Biography (School and Education)

Education: – He then got admitted to Mewat Model school in Haryana where is completed her 12th Science. Her favorite subject is English which he disclosed in her Interview.

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