After PM Modi’s Visit to Lakshadweep now Hotelier Dr. Vikram Kamat encourages travelers and adventure seekers to explore the rich coastal biodiversity of Maharashtra

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Mumbai, January 2024
Renowned hotelier and restaurateur, Dr. Vikram Kamat, recently took to his social media platforms to share insights about Maharashtra’s coastal treasures in response to the trending discussions around Lakshadweep after the Prime Minister’s visit.

In a candid reel posted on 10th December, Dr. Vikram Kamat the CMD of the Vitskamats Group responded to the question about Lakshadweep’s beauty and serene beaches by shedding light on the hidden gems along Maharashtra’s coastline. He emphasized that Maharashtra boasts over 40 pristine beaches, each with its unique charm and a plethora of water sports activities.

Dr. Kamat particularly highlighted destinations like Tarkarli, known for its mesmerizing scuba diving experiences, and Dapoli, where visitors can enjoy thrilling dolphin spotting adventures. Beyond these, Maharashtra’s coastal areas offer a wide range of water sports, making it a haven for enthusiasts seeking diverse aquatic activities.

The reel showcases Dr. Vikram Kamat’s passion for promoting sustainable tourism and environmental conservation. He encourages travelers and adventure seekers to explore the rich coastal biodiversity of Maharashtra, contributing to both the local economy and the preservation of these natural wonders.

As the reel gains traction on social media, it sparks conversations about the often-overlooked beauty of Maharashtra’s coastal regions. Dr. Vikram Kamat’s insightful commentary serves as a reminder that India’s diverse landscapes extend far beyond well-known destinations, offering unique and unforgettable experiences to those willing to explore.

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