AgriTech Startups are playing a major role in driving the growth of the export industry

In today’s global market, the agricultural technology (agritech) sector is playing a crucial role in driving the growth of the export industry. These innovative agritech brands are harnessing the power of technology to transform the way farmers operate, increasing productivity, and contributing significantly to the export sector. Here are the top 4 agritech brands that are making a major impact in the export sector:

1. Agrizy:
Agrizy is a B2B platform redefining the Agrifood processing industry, which is a large (~400 Bn USD) and growing (CAGR ~9%) market opportunity in India. Agrizy is focused on organizing and simplifying processed Agrifood value chains, by building a full-stack platform between Agri suppliers and processors. With technology at its core, Agrizy also engages in value-added processing and improving the capacity utilization of the processors. Agrizy has partnered with multiple banks and NBFCs to enable working capital support for the processors.

2. FarmCrowdy:
FarmCrowdy is revolutionizing the way agriculture is financed and operated in Nigeria. By connecting small-scale farmers with investors through their digital platform, FarmCrowdy enables farmers to access funding, modern farming techniques, and markets. This innovative approach has not only increased agricultural productivity but has also opened doors for farmers to export their products globally.

3. Twiga Foods:
Twiga Foods, based in Kenya, has created a mobile platform that connects farmers directly with retailers, cutting out the middlemen and reducing post-harvest losses. By streamlining the supply chain, Twiga Foods ensures that fresh produce reaches the market efficiently. This has not only boosted the export of agricultural products but has also provided farmers with fair prices for their produce.

4. Hello Tractor:
Hello Tractor is revolutionizing the agricultural machinery landscape in Africa. Through their innovative platform, smallholder farmers can access affordable tractor-sharing services. By providing farmers with access to mechanization, Hello Tractor is increasing productivity and enabling farmers to meet export demands. This technology-driven approach is transforming the agricultural landscape in many African countries.

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