The Australian Hotels Association (WA) has endorsed the WA Government’s announced changes to the Banned Drinkers Register, which will significantly improve the ability to identify problem drinkers, prohibit them from purchasing alcohol and provide them with the support they need.

AHA(WA) CEO Bradley Woods said the proposed legislative changes were strongly supported by industry, who are committed to ensuring the policy succeeds in addressing alcohol-related harm.

“The reality is that the BDR is only as effective if it is adequately populated. The changes announced today will significantly enhance the ability to place more problem drinkers on the register,” Mr Woods said.

“Targeted policies, such as the Banned Drinkers Register are more effective, and have far more community support, than blanket restrictions.”

“The proposed enhancements announced today will make a significant difference in helping ensure this policy is effective in addressing alcohol-related harm in areas of the state where it is more pronounced.”

“We particularly welcome the enhanced ability for WA Police, frontline staff and the judiciary to place problem drinkers on the register, either via Barring Notices or through court orders.”

“The register should be populated with those who have repeatedly demonstrated an inability to responsibly consume alcohol and who go on to break the law, harm others or endanger the community. Today’s changes will help ensure such people are prevented from buying alcohol, which will help keep themselves, their families and the community safer.”

“The AHA also welcomes extending the BDR trail to Carnarvon which coupled with today’s announced enhancements, will provide authorities with a powerful weapon to target those who are causing harm in the Mid West.”

“The AHA commends the work undertaken by Racing and Gaming Minister, the Hon Reece Whitby MLA and his predecessor, the Hon Tony Buti MLA, for the comprehensive consultation that has resulted in these proposed measures to strengthen the BDR.”

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