AIA Alta Wellness Haven Powered by Humansa is Officially Open

Media OutReach – 28 September 2023 – Humansa, a premium healthcare brand of New World Group, and AIA, a leader in the insurance industry, today announced the official opening of
AIA Alta Wellness Haven
powered by Humansa will be on 29th Sept, 2023, marking the first one-stop integrated wellness space that blends the concepts of Chinese and Western health within the industry. AIA and Humansa, as industry leaders in insurance and integrated healthcare, are joining forces in a collaborative effort to address the health needs of AIA’s high-net-worth customers. The collaboration is aimed at addressing the health needs of AIA’s high net-worth customers, providing three major personalized solutions: mental, physical and nutritional and bespoke wellness solutions, as well as taking an innovative step in promoting preventive health management.

Humansa and AIA are pleased to announce the opening of AIA Alta Wellness Haven powered by Humansa as service provider will be on 29th Oct, 2023, the insurance industry’s first one-stop wellness center integrating Chinese and Western philosophical concepts. (Left: Mr. Don So, Chief Executive Officer of Humansa; Right: Ms Alice Liang, Chief Proposition Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau)

Located on the 20th floor of New World Tower II in Central, AIA Alta Wellness Haven is designed, built and operated by Humansa as service provider. “Humansa is honored to be the exclusive partner of AIA to provide tailor-made one-stop integrated health management services to its high-net-worth clients,” said Don So, Chief Executive Officer of Humansa. “This collaboration not only meets the innovative needs of AIA Hong Kong, but also aligns perfectly with our vision of continuously improving our expertise, advanced technologies, and multi-disciplinary team of experts to provide mental, physical and nutritional health for our clients. AIA Alta Wellness Haven powered by Humansa’s wellness concept always puts the client’s well-being first, offering the highest quality of personalized health experience. This partnership not only instills confidence in our customers’ health journey, but also marks a significant milestone in the steady development of Humansa’s healthcare business.”

The multi-functional room of AIA Alta Wellness Haven provides customers with a comfortable space for activities such as meditation, yoga, Pilates, and more.

“We recognize that our high net-worth clients have a strong demand for one-stop wealth and health management services and want to achieve health and wealth ‘balanced life’,” said Ms Alice Liang, Chief Proposition Officer of AIA Hong Kong & Macau. “We have placed wellness within the core of our strategy for the HNWI segment and launched a key exclusive program AIA Alta Wellness Haven to complete our HNWI strategy, taking concrete actions to embrace health as a lifestyle. We aim to build an ecosystem of quality services integrating wellness, being the life partner in clients’ life stage, wealth and medical health, and realize AIA’s concept of a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.”
Chinese and Western multi-specialty team tackles suboptimal health with tailor-made mental, physical and nutritional programs
Aiming at high-net-worth clients, who often suffer from suboptimal health status, a state between health and illness, due to stress and fatigue, AIA Alta Wellness Haven has set up a multidisciplinary team consisting of scientific-based Chinese and Western medical practitioners, nutritionists, physiotherapists, etc., which after in-depth understanding of the needs and conditions of the clients, will use the concepts of Chinese wellness in tandem with Western medical science to develop customized plans for mental, physical and nutritional wellbeing. A team of experts from various fields form a WellnessExpert team who will follow up the entire wellness treatment process.

The treatment room of AIA Alta Wellness Haven offers wellness services, such as radiofrequency cupping and cryotherapy.

AIA Alta Wellness Haven provides a wide range of professional equipment and services to suit the needs of the three major areas of mental, physical and nutritional care. For example, in the area of mental health care, Quantum Audio Therapy provides scientifically proven specific sound wave frequencies to help calm the mind and reduce anxiety, allowing clients to fall asleep easily and achieve a balanced body and mind. For physical health care, the center is equipped with an internationally patented radiofrequency (RF) cupping system, which utilizes radiofrequency to warm the muscles, increase blood circulation, and eliminate toxins; and in the area of nutritional care, specialists in various fields will analyze the body composition of clients and formulate personalized healthy dietary programs.
Humansa will continue to provide unparalleled healthcare services to corporate and individual customers in the healthcare industry, with nearly 40 healthcare centers in operation in the Greater Bay Area to meet the demand for quality healthcare.
AIA Alta Wellness Haven Service Overview




Sleep management

Stress management

Pain management

Weight management

Dietary management

Cardiovascular health management

Allergy management

Services include:

Meditation, wellness coaching, sound frequency healing

Cryotherapy, physiotherapy, physical training, acupressure, smokeless moxibustion,
Tui na

Bioelectrical impedance analysis, dietary consultation, food allergy test, food intolerance test, dietary planning

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