Air India Digitalises its Feedback Mechanism to Boost Customer Participation in its New Initiatives

Bangalore, 2nd June 2023: Air India today said that its new, digitalised customer feedback mechanism has received over 140,000 responses in three months, as it continues to enhance its consumer experience across the board. The Net Promoter Score (NPS)-based customer feedback mechanism was adopted in March 2023.

With this digital initiative, Air India has established a comprehensive system to draw customer participation in its ongoing transformation, which enables it to enhance customer experience based on their active feedback.

“The ‘new’ Air India is all about the positive changes that our customers around the world would like to see in their favourite airline, and NPS helps us to move forward in that direction to deliver long-term and sustained improvements. We are overwhelmed by the huge participation from our customers, which shows the trust and love they have for Air India. This brings new energy to our ongoing transformation programme, Vihaan.AI, and we are delighted to have our customers on board with us in these exciting times,” said Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience & Ground Handling Officer, Air India.

Air India’s new NPS adoption marks a significant shift from paper-based feedback system to an advanced digitalized interface, reinforcing its commitment to embrace technology to create customer delight. The platform identifies key parameters that influence customer satisfaction at every touchpoint, whether on ground, on board, or post-flight experiences, effectively capturing customers’ sentiments.

Air India remains committed to achieving excellence in its products and services, and the customer will remain at the centre of all new initiatives.

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