Akshayakalpa Organic Farmer’s Market witnesses a success with a total footfall of 3000

~ The market offered a range of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, grown without synthetic fertilisers or pesticides on September 2 and 3 ~

~ A simple initiative to understand the source of food along with the interaction with the farmers ~

Bangalore, 4th September 2023 – Akshayakalpa Organic proudly celebrated the successful conclusion of its first ‘Organic Farmer’s Market’ on September 2nd and 3rd, 2023. This groundbreaking event provided an immersive experience into the world of organic farming, allowing attendees to forge meaningful connections with passionate farmers and gain a deeper understanding of sustainable living.

Held at Silicon City Academy Of Secondary Education, the market witnessed an enthusiastic turnout of around 3000 participants, where visitors engaged in enlightening conversations with dedicated organic farmers. The market offered a wide variety of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, meticulously handpicked at their peak quality, grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides from 12 Akshayakalpa farms.

“Our farmers are the heart and soul of Akshayakalpa Organic, and the backbone of the nation. This market is our way of showing gratitude for their unwavering dedication. We’re not just promoting organic farming; we’re celebrating the hard work and passion that goes into it. This event showcases the dedication of our farmers, and the quality of the organic produce they provide.”, said Mr. Shashi Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Akshayakalpa Organic.

Educational workshops were also a significant highlight of the event, offering practical insights into sustainable living. Workshops featured topics such as home composting, discussions on sustainable menstruation, and the crucial role of soil in food and nutrition.

This event successfully dispelled myths about organic farming, illuminated the intricate sustainability aspects, and empowered attendees to make informed food choices for a healthier, eco-friendlier future.

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