Aktivolabs scores US$10 million capital commitment from Mitsui to fuel global expansion

Media OutReach – 15 December 2022 – Aktivolabs Pte Ltd (“Aktivolabs”) announced today that it has secured a US$10 million capital injection for a Series A round led by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui”), Adaptive Capital Partners and SEEDS Capital, the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore. The funds will be utilized to grow its data science capability, strengthen the existing team and portfolio of products and broaden its footprint in SEA, Europe and the US. The current product portfolio includes the Aktivo Score®, Aktivo® Mind, Glucolife and Goodbiome. HH Investments and Govin Capital have also participated in this round.
Cofounded by the late Professor David Lai, Gourab Mukherjee and Dr Meng-Han Kuok, Aktivolabs is a digital health-science company founded in 2017. It provides sustainable, evidence-based, individualized digital health solutions that help populations understand and manage their risk of chronic diseases. The platform harnesses real-time digital health data elements in a low-touch, cost-effective manner with measurable actuarial and actionable value to life and health insurers.
“It’s commonly known that the early onset of chronic diseases compromises our financial and mental well-being and the fast-rising cost of healthcare poses major challenges for populations, governments, insurers and employers worldwide. At the intersection of healthcare, science and data, Aktivolabs’ evidence-based solution deploys its full suite of accessible, affordable, scalable data-scientific solutions through digital biomarkers and individualized health journeys,” says Takeshi Akutsu, Chief Operating Officer of Wellness Business Unit, Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
“The team has delivered strong execution aligned with their vision of extending the healthspan for the populations. We are convinced that the combination of Aktivolabs’ vertically-integrated data-science platform, the strong execution capability of the team, along with the competitive data-analysis and -commercialization capability will prove a winning formula. We are thrilled to join Aktivolabs on its journey to deliver scalable health data-scientific solutions worldwide,” Akutsu adds.
This investment will fuel Aktivolabs’ continued growth in its existing verticals, expanding geographical territories and client servicing capabilities. In addition, Aktivolabs will also utilize part of the funds to develop the existing algorithm and data-analytics program to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of predicting, preventing and self-management of chronic disease using digital biomarkers.
“Mitsui’s commitment to our win-win partnership is a recognition of our strength and is built on our shared belief in leveraging digital health sciences to solve a prevalent issue that’s been plaguing corporate employers, payors, providers, and governments for many years. This investment will enable us to deliver an integrated platform to exacting standards, strengthen our customer-servicing capability, and help populations better understand and manage their risk of chronic diseases through individualizing digital health journeys. We are committed as ever to enabling healthier and happier lives with tools that are affordable and easy to use. We look forward to partnering with Mitsui on this journey” says Gourab Mukherjee, Co-Founder & CEO of Aktivolabs.
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