All aboard – Hype at sky-high levels as Tia Lee Yu Fen drops third episode of Record Breaking animation series

Media OutReach – 30 November 2022 – After starting with a record-breaking bang – garnering almost 100 million views over the first two episodes – the hype surrounding C-Pop star Tia Lee Yu Fen’s blockbuster animation series – “GOODBYE PRINCESS” – shows no signs of slowing down as she unveiled the third video – “The Puppet” – on 21 November.

Based on the real ups and downs experienced by Tia throughout her career in the fashion and entertainment industries, the gripping animation series is building up to her comeback single and music video. Each instalment has underlying messages that have deeper connotations ABOUT WHAT X, Y, Z and refer back to aspect of Tia’s life and career.
The third episode starts with the princess landing on a stage and immediately become a wildly popular singer. However, in a sinister twist, there are people in the background trying to manipulate and mould the princess according to certain stereotypes. The fairy godmother is continuously at the side of the stage, giving her tighter and tighter outfits. She appears helpless and sad, but the audience cheers the princess on, oblivious to what she is going through. Suddenly, she notices a sewing machine in the distance making the dress of her dreams. Unfortunately, just as the princess extends her hand towards the dress, she becomes a wooden puppet and falls into a seemingly bottomless abyss.
With so many questions unanswered, and the fate of the princess unclear, you can find all episodes of Tia Lee’s enthralling animation series on her
YouTube Channel.
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