Amara Raja Group Co-founder and Chairman Mr. Jayadev Galla attends Davos WEF summit

New Delhi, 26th May, 2022: Amara Raja Group Co-founder and Chairman, Mr. Jayadev Galla who is also a TDP Parliamentary Party Leader and member of 16th and 17th Lok Sabha, is at Davos to attend the World Economic Forum’s high-profile annual meeting this week.

Running from May 23rd to May 26th, the conclave is amongst the biggest events on the financial calendar and draws the who’s who of the world’s leaders, economists, policymakers and captains of industry.

Being a senior industry leader of India, Mr. Galla is a regular at Davos, he has had several high-profile meetings with national and international leaders, including ministers from various states of India who are present at the economic forum.

While there, he addressed the issues of the day from climate change, the energy crisis and surging commodity prices to the EV boom and Amara Raja’s push into lithium-ion cell manufacturing.

Elaborating further, Mr. Galla spoke about how growth in EV adoption has increased demand for new sources of energy like lithium-ion batteries. Amara Raja is working towards soon taking its advances in R&D into commercial manufacturing. To that end the group has invested in a number of new energy start-ups in India and abroad.

The company, he said, has plans to invest $1 billion in building up its capabilities to manufacture lithium-ion batteries over the next 5-10 years.

He attended a series of roundtable discussions, and was a panelist on the session ‘Impact of policy landscape on attracting investments’.

Mr. Galla said, “We stand here today at a critical juncture. The world is beset by challenges ranging from an energy crisis, soaring input costs and the Ukraine war that is causing supply chain bottlenecks across global industries. Davos is a forum that brings some of the smartest and most influential minds of our age together in the hopes of finding a solution. The recent surge in oil prices, which impacts everything from travel, to energy to food costs, as well as the increased prevalence of extreme weather events, underlines more than ever the need for energy security and an acceleration in the adoption of renewables. Personally, we at the Amara Raja Group, are committed to sustainability and are proud to be playing a key role in India’s green energy push.”

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