Ambuja Cements Upgrades Healthcare Infrastructure in Mundwa region of Rajasthan, continues its commitment to community welfare

Ambuja Cements renovates the Mundwa Community Healthcare Centre, aligning with the National Quality Assurance Standard
The initiative aims to improve healthcare access and health indicators recorded in the core villages surrounding Marwar Mundwa region of Rajasthan

Jaipur, 16 October 2023: Ambuja Cements, the cement and building material of the diversified Adani Group, under its CSR initiative completes the comprehensive restoration of the Mundwa Community Healthcare Centre, aligning with the National Quality Assurance Standard. This initiative focuses on improving alarming health indicators recorded in the core villages of Marwar Mundwa region of Rajasthan.

Rural regions in India, particularly in this locality, have traditionally struggled with the triad challenges of infrastructure, physical access, and human resource adequacy in healthcare. In response to the dire need, and as a part of Ambuja Cements’ continuous commitment to community welfare, the renovated health facility will serve as a cornerstone for disseminating vital information on dietary and health habits.

Furthermore, the community health clinic will play a vital role in amplifying basic nutritional knowledge and emphasising best health practices. Malnutrition, which has been a pressing concern, will be one of the primary areas of focus.

The early indicators are promising. Villagers visiting the community health centre are displaying health awareness. Observable shifts in behavior include increased hygiene, adoption of nutritious diets, regular medical check-ups, and a significant emphasis on institutional deliveries and post-natal care.

Ambuja Cements through its CSR activities remains at forefront in its mission to improve the quality of life in India’s rural communities and envisions a future where “Health is Wealth” is not just a phrase, but a lived reality.

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