An Indian who advocated renewable energy made a water-fired stove

Rajesh Purohit, an Indian manufacturer has recently developed a stove that runs on water. With the use of this stove, food can be cooked at a very low cost and without any pollution

New Delhi: The direct impact of climate change is seen in our everyday lives in terms of extreme weather events, which have caused hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and human life and well-being.

Apart from this, now cooking is also becoming more expensive. The “economics” of the housewives to the traders is disturbed due to the increase in the prices of LPG gas cylinders used for cooking.

However, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed his anger at humanity’s failures to deal with climate disruption, noting that taking into account the gravity of the situation, simple-to-implement measures should be adopted as quickly as possible.

In this sequence, he has emphasized the need to eliminate the dependence of energy systems on fossil fuels and promote renewable energy.

At the same time, many countries including China, and India have set a target of net-zero carbon emissions in the coming few decades. In his view, it is necessary to accelerate eco-friendly projects. Because of this, today many companies and people are putting forward their new business plans and ideas and implementing them.

Meanwhile, Rajesh Purohit, an Indian manufacturer, and innovator based in China has recently developed a stove that runs on water. With the use of this stove, food can be cooked at a very low cost and without any pollution.

Rajesh Purohit explained that his Hydrogen ATM product is based on electrolysis technology, in which hydrogen and water molecules are separated. By doing this energy is created, and the heat generated is 5 times more than the conventional electric heating method. If used with renewable energy does not cause any kind of pollution as emission is also water.

Rajesh Purohit, who has spent 9 years in the research and development of this product, said that the most challenging part of making this product was to develop its parts, as its parts are not generally available in the market.

He also told that at this time there is no other equipment available in the market other than their equipment, but it is expected that very soon such products will be seen in the markets. Be it a geyser, heater, or any other heating appliance, almost all of them will be seen using this method of heating.

There is no cost of LPG, petrol, diesel, etc. in such products. Also, in this rising inflation, these appliances will save you from losing your pocket to a great extent.

Rajesh Purohit said that this technology is generally safer than any other gas technology, as it does not store any fuel, hence it is safe as compared to stored fuel technology.

Rajesh Purohit, an advocate of renewable energy said that renewable energy is a never-ending source and it is available in abundance. Fossil energies destroy the natural beauty around us and also affect the climate. So, the time has come that people should now shift toward renewable energy, which is beneficial for everyone.

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