Angel One Limited Q3 FY24 Business Performance Highlight

Bengaluru, January 16, 2024: Commenting on Angel One’s performance, Mr. Dinesh Thakkar, Chairman & Managing Director said, ”Angel One has always focused its efforts to offer clients the most suitable products, in a seamless and efficient manner, by harnessing the power of data and technology. Our digital assets are continuously evolving, enriched with innovative features to ensure an unparalleled investing experience. We undertook process improvements, to ease the onboarding experience and incorporated some unique features, for both new and experienced clients, thus simplifying their investment journey on the app. These focused efforts yielded into sustained improvement in our NPS and Playstore and Appstore rankings.

It is through such exceptional experiences, that clients choose to remain engaged on our platform, over the long-term. This has led to constant expansion in our market share, across multiple metrics and maintain very robust unit economics. A testimony to the effectiveness of our Super App strategy, is clearly visible from our accomplishment in distributing Mutual Funds, as we continue to be India’s second largest player for incremental registered SIPs. We are in the process of expanding our offerings to partner with our clients at every important phase of their lives, as we extend our touchpoints in distributing credit and fixed income products.

Our sustained growth is a testament to the success of our data-driven strategy, as we reap benefits of vast pool of data and leverage it to create models using complex algorithms. This equips us to swiftly adapt to market shifts, thus ensuring our strategies remain agile and responsive.

We sharpened focus on our content strategy, forming the bedrock to engage and educate people about various financial products. We will leverage social media, communities and users to promote awareness, and will be rolling out multiple content initiatives.

I am delighted with our historic performance in Q3 ‘24, as we acquired more than a million clients in a month and 2.5 million clients in a quarter for the first time, accounting for nearly a quarter of the industry’s net client addition.

In line with our established dividend policy, the Board of Directors has approved the distribution of 41% of the quarter’s profit as a third interim dividend, reaffirming our commitment to delivering value to our shareholders.”

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