Animeta’s AI-powered creator platform to support India’s biggest food creators Foodie We

Foodie We, one of India’s biggest food channels, has partnered with Animeta, an AI-powered creator tech platform, to support the quest of creating engaging content for their 1.8 million+ subscribers. The partnership is aimed at supporting Foodie We and its creators, Onkar, Mukti and Aditya, by leveraging the power of data and analytics to enhance the content creation process.

Foodie We is known for its playful and energetic content around food challenges and contests. The trio’s playful and energetic content around food challenges and contests keeps their viewers on the edge of their seats. Their videos on famous and exotic foods from India have gained International recognition, with their most popular video challenge “Eating same colour food for 24 hours” being a major hit.

The talent behind the Foodie We Youtube channel

Onkar, Mukti, and Gautam are the masterminds behind the creation of the popular food channel FoodieWe on YouTube. They hail from different parts of India and came together to fulfil their passion for food and create fun, engaging content.

Onkar is one of the three co-founders of Foodie We. Born and raised in Chandigarh, Onkar initially pursued a career in law but soon realized his true passion was food. With a camera in hand and a love for exploring new cuisines, he began creating engaging food content that resonated with viewers.

On the other hand, Mukti Gautam is a food enthusiast, originally from Himachal Pradesh and later moved to Chandigarh with her family. She joined forces with Onkar, who is also her life partner, and brought her bubbly personality and on-screen presence to the channel. Her love for cooking and exploring new cuisines helped her create unique content that resonated with viewers.

Her brother Aditya Gautam, an automobile engineer, is the third co-founder of the sensational Foodie channel. He is also a fitness trainer like Mukti and holds a black belt in Taekwondo. He is responsible for filming and capturing the delicious food creations that the team comes up with. His expertise in videography and cinematography has helped Foodie We to create visually stunning and engaging content that keeps viewers hooked.

Together, these three talented creators have built one of the most successful food channels in India, creating engaging content that has garnered millions of views and a loyal fanbase. Their ability to connect with their audience and create relatable content has helped them stand out in the crowded creator economy.

Leveraging the Animeta partnership

The partnership with Animeta is expected to help Foodie We and its creators to increase engagement, boost monetization opportunities and improve their overall content quality. Animeta’s AI-powered technology will provide Foodie We with real-time insights and analytics on their content performance, allowing them to create data-driven content strategies that resonate with their audience.

Animeta is an AI-powered creator tech platform that seeks to bring about a ‘studio model’ in the creator economy business, providing creators with the necessary tools to organize and manage their content effectively.

With Animeta’s platform, Foodie We’s creators will be able to leverage AI technology to optimize their content, ensuring that it reaches the right audience at the right time. They will also be able to monetize their content across multiple platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, allowing them to build a sustainable business around their content.

Speaking about the partnership, Mukti Gautam, one of Foodie We’s creators, said, “Every dish has a story to tell, and we are just the storytellers. Our mission at FoodieWe is not just to entertain, but to inspire our viewers to explore the world of food and embrace its diversity while also promoting fitness. As creators, we are always looking for ways to improve our content and engage with our audience, and Animeta’s AI-powered platform provides us with valuable insights and tools to do just that. We are thrilled to partner with Animeta and take our content to the next level.”

Anish Mehta, Founder, Animeta, added, “Creators are the new-age entrepreneurs, and Animeta aims to be their partner in the journey. This partnership between Foodie We is a win-win for both parties. Foodie We’s creators will be able to access a range of services that will help them enhance their content creation and build a sustainable business, while Animeta will be able to expand its reach and bring its platform to a wider audience. We believe that our partnership with Foodie We will be a game-changer in the food & travel genre of the Asian creator ecosystem, and we look forward to working closely with them.”

In India, the creator economy is also gaining momentum, with Youtube alone contributing Rs 10,000 crore to the Indian GDP. With the increasing popularity of social media platforms and the rise of new technologies such as AI, the creator economy is expected to continue expanding, providing new opportunities for content creators and tech platforms alike and the same is anticipated from this partnership between Foodie We Animeta.

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