Apollo hospitals performs Advanced TAVI with a valve designed for future – ACCURATE NEO 2 on a patient with Bicuspid valve (two leaflets by birth)

– Futuristic ACCURATE NEO 2 valve implantation has been performed for the first time in South India

– The 67-year-old female patient is the first patient with Bicuspid Valve to receive the valve in India

Chennai 12 September 2022: Apollo Hospitals Chennai performs yet another lifesaving TAVI procedure using a futuristic vale “ACCURATE NEO 2” on a patient with rare Bicuspid valve. Dr Sengottuvelu, Senior Interventional cardiologist and team performed this new Acurate Neo 2 valve implantation in a challenging patient with severe aortic valve narrowing. Key experts including Dr Sengottuvelu G, Dr CS Muthukumaran, Dr Senthil Raj, Dr.Ganapathy and Dr Vijayashankar performed this procedure and saved a 67- year- old female patient.

Acurate Neo valve is a new valve launched first time in the country with unique design featuring open frames (which allows easy access to heart blood vessels) and supra annular leaflets which allows better performance and hemodynamics. The valve is more suitable for younger patients as it provides better access and future interventions if needed.

Ms. Kamala, (Name Changed) a 67-year-old had severe aortic valve stenosis, which progressed resulting in reduced heart pumping function up to 30%. The patient was brought to Apollo Hospitals, where he was assessed by Dr Sengottuvelu and team. After evaluating and a nalyzing her condition the team had planned for an elective TAVI. The patient also was on a special category as she had bicuspid aortic valve, which is she had only two leaflets by birth (Normal person has three leaflet) that progressed over years to severe Aortic valve narrowing.

Dr Sengottuvelu who recently had an advanced training in Sweden for this new valve, performed the TAVI with newly launched Acurate Neo 2 valve, which was a challenging proceduredue to bicuspid nature of the valve ( it has 2 leaflets only) along with his team. The procedure was successful and patient was, and she would be discharged early.

Speaking about the procedure Dr. Sengottuvelu said, “The new valve started functioning normally and we saw instant improvement in the heart function. Acurate Neo 2 valve has been shown to have excellent long term hemodynamic function, durability and designed with future in mind. This will benefit more patients particularly younger patients with severe aortic stenosis.” He further added with availability of several new valves with new features, it is possible to choose the best suited valve for that particular patient.

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