Art Houz Gallery presents Metaphorical Tales inauguration by Mr EDGAR PANG, Consul-General of the Republic of Singapore

Chennai, 26th September 2022: Art Houz Exhibition Presents Metaphorical Tales features a series of artworks by a Singapore based artist P. Gnana have been inaugurated by honourable guest Mr EDGAR PANG, Consul-General of the Republic of Singapore and Dr.Sharad kumar, Airport Director of Chennai Airport. This exhibition is a part of AF Weekender 2022 which is a nationwide event happening all over India.

The artwork focuses on Gnana’s deep rooted connection and love towards his childhood memories. Gnana’s artworks deploys a visual narrative of whimsically-stylized imagery of human figures within the universal concept of love.

Mr.Gnana, said this collection of works highlights the artist’s pursuit of pioneering new methods of expression built upon foundations of traditional Indian aesthetics. The artworks display distinguishing elongated features indicating his magnitude of thinking concerning beauty, which offers a westernized and modern touch.

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