Artist Ganesh Shenoy is to release his first fiction soon.

Artist Ganesh Kelagina Beedu Shenoy is soon to release his first novel under the name “Seginus, the eternal time traveller.” The fiction genre is a fusion of sci-fi, spirituality, and romance, and the book will be released by Blue Hill Publications. It is the story of a young man named Seginus, a time traveller and a ranger in the search and rescue department of the United Human Settlements (UHS), the solar system’s human habitat with manmade planets, space stations, and other planets. Seginus travels from the year 31021 to the time of Jesus to find and rescue three missing time travellers, Diantha, Aleksy, and Leandros. The story begins with Jesus’s last prayer at Gethsemane and subsequent arrest. When all the disciples abandoned Jesus and ran away, only Seginus, who wore just a linen cloth, still followed the lord. When the people try to grab him, Seginus will leave the linen cloth behind and escape naked. The purpose of Seginus choosing the time period of Jesus is because the missing rangers had travelled to this time period before getting lost, and also because he felt that Jesus was calling him to convey an important message. Moreover, he felt that Christ could answer his spiritual questions, which the advanced beings of his era could never answer. Jesus not only helps Seginus in his mission but also aids him in uniting with his long-lost lover and revealing the true mission for which Seginus was born.

“Seginus, the Eternal Time Traveller” is an exciting novel encompassing methodical and mystical knowledge. The readers will enjoy the book from the beginning till the end.

Ganesh Shenoy is from Mangalore, Karnataka, and has secured many prizes and awards in painting competitions. He is a World Record holder in creating miniature paintings. Ganesh has never sold his paintings for personal gain. He always donates his paintings to philanthropic organizations so that they can sell them and utilize the proceeds for charity work. The entire profit from this book’s sale will also be used exclusively for charity.

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