Arwaz Khan the top most influencer of Jhansi : Views on Bigg Boss 16 final contestants.

Arwaz Khan is the top most social media influencer and fitness model of Jhansi. Arwaz Khan has won many titles like Mr. Uttar Pradesh 2022 , Mr. Jhansi. Arwaz was also seen as the judge of the show like Mr. Datia. Arwaz has promoted reputed brands like Ktm Bikes, Imagine Apple, Disney Hotstar, IPL, Ponds, Zenith nutrition , XLR8 Nutrition, Dabur, Nature sure, Rapido, and many more.

Arwaz Khan’s one of the favourite shows is Bigg Boss. Arwaz Khan is a big fan of Salman Khan (host Big boss). Arwaz says “Salman Khan is always rocking the Bigg boss show though initial Bigg boss seasons were hosted by other celebrities but Salman Khan hosted Bigg boss Season 4 which was the highest TRP gaining show . The show gained a lot of popularity and thus he was again invited to host the seasons 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,12,13,14,15 and 16.Salman Khan orchestrated the contestants and keeps the show lively in every season.”

Arwaz Khan shares his views about Bigg Boss16 contestants. Arwaz says “Abdu Rozik is the cute amongst all the contestants. Priyanka Chaudhary and Archana Gautam are irritating contestants and start arguing and fights in order to get camera attention only. Shalin Bhanot acts fake since initial episodes.” Furthermore, Arwaz Khan says Shiv Thakre and MC Stan have potential to win the Big boss16 show and also could be seen as finale contestants.

Arwaz Khan started his modelling career during his graduation. Arwaz worked as an accountant and also attended his college everyday. In this hectic schedule he managed to hit the gym regularly and maintain a good physique. Arwaz Khan is a Gold medalist in B. Com(hons.) It is very hard to find such an extremely unique youngster now a days.Arwaz never risked his parent’s money and didn’t spend money recklessly but worked hard and built his physique through natural diet and exercises.

When at his age youngsters are busy only in their academics Arwaz being a perfectionist and a multi talented and hardworking person topped his academics and also became the topmost social media influencer and fitness model in Jhansi. In no time his Instagram reels reached 1 million views and 40.1 k followers making him the best social media influencer and fitness model in Jhansi. Arwaz is the best because his followers trust him as he first uses the product by himself and then gives honest reviews about it.

Arwaz Khan is a very enthusiastic, intelligent, charming and a multi talented person. He is a real attest to the phrase “Why fit in the crowd when you were born to stand out. ”Arwaz inspires us to aspire for greater goals in life and to believe in yourself and carve your way to success alone as nobody else will or can do the hard work of your part. Even after a severe elbow injury Arwaz never gave upon himself and didn’t get demotivated but became even more stronger than before as he believes that he deserves to shine out brightly.

To know more about him, Google by a search “Arwaz Khan Jhansi” or follow him on Instagram arwazkhan_007.

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