ASL Capital Markets Designated Primary Dealer by Federal Reserve Bank of New York

ASL Capital Markets Inc. (ASL) – 04 April 2022 -ASL Capital Markets Inc. (ASL), a government securities broker-dealer focused on trading and securities financing, today announced that it has been designated a primary dealer by the New York Fed.

ASL is now one of 25 primary dealers, which serve as counterparties to the New York Fed in open-market operations, underwrite Treasury debt issuance, and provide analysis and market intelligence to trading desks at the New York Fed.

“Being designated a primary dealer by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is consistent with our focused strategy to provide our customers with the highest level of service and best market intelligence in the U.S. government securities sector,” said David Littlewood, ASL Chief Executive Officer.

“We are delighted to join the group of dealers trading directly with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York,” said Evan Gerhard, ASL President and Chief Operating Officer. “This designation is a natural next step as we continue to build our fixed income platform to provide broad access and liquidity in US government securities.”


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