ASOBO-English ver. by NiziU’s 9-member girls group out now!

The 9-member girls’ group, “NiziU”, who released their latest digital single ‘ASOBO’ recently, will now be releasing ‘ASOBO-English ver.-’ which is the English version of ‘ASOBO’ on the 26th of April.

NiziU is a girls’ group whose members are formed originally from an audition project called “Nizi Project”. This project was created by Sony Music Entertainment Japan and JYP Entertainment and the girls were selected from the 10,000 girls who competed to debut as a girl group.

Their pre-debut digital mini-album, “Make you happy”, charted at No.1 in three categories on various digital rankings. It was the first time a female artist group was able to achieve this. They also gained over a hundred thousand downloads for their digital album. They gained 110 rankings on music charts all over the world.

The total streaming views of the leading track, which is also the title track, ‘Make you happy’, has over 300 million streams. Its music video on YouTube has also been viewed almost over 300 million times.

In December 2020, they finally made their much-awaited debut with the single ‘Step and a step’. The song successfully hit No.1 on the Japanese Oricon Weekly Singles music chart as well as the Billboard Japan Hot 100. This song gained over 100 million views on their total streaming views. Also, the music video on YouTube has been viewed over 100 million times. They received a special award at the 62nd Japan Record Awards at the end of 2020. They appeared on the program of the 71st NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red-White Song Festival) just 29 days after their debut. They made a great impression on viewers with their amazing performance.

Their success continued through 2021 and they released their second single ‘Take a picture /Poppin’ Shakin’’ in April 2021. The song also ranked No.1 on the Japanese Oricon Weekly Singles chart and Billboard Japan Hot 100. This song also gained 123 titles on the music streaming charts around the world and its total streaming views are now over 100 million. In July 2021, the song ‘Super Summer’, which was the first summer song for NiziU, was a great hit, receiving great reception. The song was used as the song for an advertisement for Coca-Cola products.

On the 24th of November, they released their 1st album “U” which has been long-awaited by their fans. This album was a compilation of their activities since their debut, so the fans had been expecting its release. The focus track “Chopstick” and the album both ranked No.1 on the Oricon Weekly Digital Album chart and Billboard Japan Hot 100. On Billboard Japan, they ranked No.1 in the category of CD sales, Downloads, and Lookup. They totally dominated the charts.

The limited streaming edition called ‘U-Special Edition’, ranked No.1 on the Oricon weekly Digital Album as well as all different kinds of music streaming charts. The song ‘Take a picture’, which was included in their 1st album “U”, has been nominated for the Japan record awards for their excellent work. They also joined the 72nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red-White Song Festival) for two years in a row.

Their latest song ‘ASOBO’ has the main theme of ‘playfulness’. The message they want to send to fans is that “if you have a playful spirit you can learn to enjoy any mundane moments in daily life”. This song gives power to people who find boredom in their daily life and also it gives a positive feeling for when people are feeling down and are beaten up about their current situation. This is the latest single as well as their first digital single of 2022 since their 1st album “U” dropped, which was a big hit last year.

This song is a fun upbeat dance music with a pop nuance, which is influenced by house music and the Motown sound. The composition of the song is totally new for NiziU. NINA and MIIHI sing strongly in “ASOBO” as the lead vocalists and RIMA and MAYUKA join joyfully and build up the song together. The third part is about dancing and the sound is addictive and playful towards the climax. The sound is so rhythmic and you feel like dancing as soon as you start listening to the music.

Since the release on the 12th of April, the song has ranked No.1 beating many famous artists. They topped the Japan Oricon daily digital single ranking, Oricon daily streaming single ranking, LINE MUSIC, YouTube Music, AWA, mu-mu, and RecoChoku rankings. Furthermore, on the 15th of April, they gained over 10 million views for the music video of this song ( It is promising another great success for the girl group.

Now the English version of ‘ASOBO’, which has been an amazing hit in the music scene, is going to be released.

Previously, English versions of their songs were released on disk2, which was the limited album B type when their 1st album “U’ was released last year. Also, they have released English versions of ‘Take a picture’ and “Poppin’ Shakin’’ in the album “U-Special Edition-”, which was in the streaming limited-edition album.

Putting RIMA and NINA, who are native English-speaking members, as the center of the group, NiziU has worked very hard on the recording. Please check out the result of their efforts, ‘ASOBO -English ver.’. Their unique sound is so special to listen to.

NiziU will be joining the biggest Korean culture festival called “KCON 2022 Premiere” on Sunday, the 8th of May at CJ E&M center in Seoul Korea where they will be performing “ASOBO -English ver.- “for the first time ever! Stay tuned!

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