ATEN Advance Releases 3 Phase Intelligent PDU Installation for Energy-Efficient Power Distribution in Server Rooms and Data Centers.

  • The PG98330 enables lower energy consumption for best practice in a network infrastructure
  • Perfectly suited to server rack installation requiring energy-efficient power distribution to high-density IT equipment in a server room or data centre.
BENGALURU, India – October 11, 2022
ATEN Advance, the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, have introduced its latest PG series of PDUs, available in IEC socket configuration, designed with 0U rack housing to accommodate the increasing demand for power to high-density IT equipment in server rooms and data centers. Each PG98330 PDU, utilizing an ARM-Cortex A8 processor is equipped with 30 port outlets capable of running at higher voltages, powers up all connected equipment in less than 10 seconds once plugged in, and delivers the most accurate kWh energy usage data (+/-1%) for better power consumption habits, baselines, and initiative tracking.
With energy saving in mind, the PG98330 enables lower energy consumption for best practices in network infrastructure while promoting up to 70.65 kg* (131.4 kW* equivalent of power consumption) of reduced CO2 emission, reduced electricity expenses, and lower carbon taxes to pay each year.
The PG series 3-Phase PDUs are ideally suited to server rack installation requiring energy-efficient power distribution to high-density IT equipment in a server room or data center.
Major Features of the Solutions:
  • Energy-Saving Relay: The built-in energy-saving relays can help to save annually around 131.4 kW* power consumption per 30-outlet PDU unit. In addition, power distribution will remain functional and uninterrupted even when a failure occurs, enabling superior uptime to optimize system reliability.
  • Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breaker: With the built-in hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker in place, it helps the electricity supply to be automatically switched off to protect connected devices from getting overloaded or damaged while maintaining stable power distribution.
  • Secure Locking Enhancement: The outlets can be protected with a secure lock to prevent power cords from becoming unplugged due to vibration or human errors.
  • Real-time Alerts via LCD Display: The illuminated LCD display can display warnings to alert users of unusual power states.
  • Hot-Swappable Function: The LCD console panel is hot-swappable and can be removed, replaced, or repaired without powering down a mission-critical connected load.
  • Dual LAN Ports for Scalable Network Setup: Equipped with dual LAN ports (e.g. Internet and Intranet) supporting up to 1G Ethernet connection, and can be cascaded to connect up to 64 PDUs, saving expense on installing extra network switches to incorporate network connections while sparing more rack space to accommodate more IT equipment in an expandable network.
  • Environment Sensors: The Sensor port enables RJ-45 connectivity to connect or daisy-chain up to 8 environment sensors for monitoring and management of temperature, humidity, airflow, differential air pressure, and leaks, featuring alerts for potential threats.
  • Flexible On-Site Network Operation: For quick operation, connecting a serial device to the PDU with its COM port provides another means to undertake communication via CLI commands. In addition, the same port is also functional as a PON port, available for Ethernet connection to a KN series KVM over IP Switch to centralize power management of up to 16 daisy-chained PDUs.
  • Networkable via WiFi: The PG98330 can be networked via connection to a USB WiFi dongle to perform DCIM, firmware upgrade, log export, quick configuration, and more.
  • Adjustable Power Cord for Flexible In-Rack Installation: The PG98330 comes with an adjustable power cord built into the unit capable of 90-degree rotation to allow flexible in-rack installation, resulting in better cable organization.
  • DCIM Monitoring: Integrated with ATEN’s eco DC – a PC- and web-based tool for optimized Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) – power distribution, energy, and environmental data from PDUs and connected devices can be monitored via a friendly web GUI for smart power management
  • Coloured Panel for Smarter Power Monitoring: The series features an LCD console panel in default red and can be re-coloured with options of yellow, purple, blue, and green through optional purchase of coloured stickers. These colour codes make it easier to differentiate between power feed settings and also speed up troubleshooting in case of unexpected failures.
Details of all above mentioned features can be found in link below:

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