ATEN Launches Industry’s First AI-Optimized Audio Mixer for Podcasting

ENGALURU, India – March 7, 2022

ATEN Advance, the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, launched the MicLIVE™, industry’s first AI-optimized audio mixer for podcasting as it adopts SmartEQ technology to deliver acoustic enhancement for an optimized voice recording experience. Awarded Good Design Award, 2021, this audio mixer integrates audio mixing equipment into compact stage box housing, and offers up to 6-channel audio inputs, a built-in DSP and AD/DA converter, and it adds audio up to 24 bit/96 kHz to any USB-C-enabled laptop or tablet.

There has been a tremendous growth in podcasting in recent years, creating a demand for an audio technology that makes professional podcasting easier for everyone. The MicLIVE™ has minimized the need for complex audio engineering and has simplified into a few simple taps from audio input processing to sound effect invoking. It is packed with a powerful set of features that streamlines podcast workflow and enriches the programs. It aids in creating great sound with one click of AI Smart-EQ that usually takes professional expertise.

Studio-grade Playback and Recordings

MicLIVE comes with two combo jack (XLR/6.3mm microphone or instrument) inputs, phantom power, and a studio-grade pre-amp, that can be connected with pro-level condenser mics and any instrument to get a crystal clear, low-noise signal with high-resolution 24bit/96kHz playback and recordings. Two headphone outputs allow for two-person monitoring, each with a dedicated volume control. Easily take remote calls or play background music from a smartphone thanks to 3.5mm TRRS input.

Voice FX – For Fine-tuning the Voice

The Voice FX options allows the user to personalize and optimize their voice as desired. The audio can be switched to four different effects to personalize the vocal tone – Pitch, Reverb, Male, and Female effects – with just a spin of the knob based on the performance scenario.

Enrich Programs with Color-coded Jingle Pads

MicLIVE™ features eight customizable jingle pads for triggering sound effects in real time. Each pad is highly customizable, and audio can be recorded directly to a pad from any of MicLIVE™ ‘s inputs or assign audio and the pad’s color from the computer app.

Mix Any Podcast Genre from Anywhere

Powered by USB 5V, MicLIVE™ can operate using USB bus power and also be powered by a mobile battery. Because of its truly mobile design, it can be carried to any venue for mixing and streaming audio.

Unlimited Control with the OnAir™ Audio App

The MicLIVE™ App allows access to every feature in the mixer, giving additional control over DSP parameters such as compressor, equalizer, Echo, Filter, Pitch, Reverb, and more. One can also customize the jingle pads with icon, playback mode, color, and volume for a more personal style and to speed up the workflow.

Key Features of the Product:

All-in-one design simplifies audio mixing workflow for podcasting – offers up to 6-channel audio inputs, DSP and AD / DA converter, and adds audio up to 24-bit / 96 kHz to any USB-C-enabled laptop or tablet

The industry’s first AI-optimized audio mixer – enhances microphone audio quality with enhanced acoustic models, SmartEQ, so anyone can have a real-time, high-quality recording

Jingle pads save up to 8 sound effects that can be customized from audio sources from a computer, microphone, and other audio inputs for a professional radio programming experience

The auto ducking function lowers background music anytime one speaks, ensuring the speaker’s voice is always heard, loud and clear, during broadcasting

For more information, please visit the product page of ATEN MicLIVE™ 6-CH


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