ATEN Launches VP2020 and VP2021 PresentON Series Presentation Switches

BENGALURU, India – January 18, 2023

ATEN Advance, the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, has launched the VP2020 and VP2021 PresentON Series of the Presentation Switches. The ATEN PresentON Series is a wireless BYOD solution that enables anyone including visitors to easily share content from a laptop or mobile device so that users can actively collaborate for enhanced, efficient workflows.

Major Features:
VP2020 is a 4K Wireless Presentation Switch
It features multi-view allowing up to two sources can be shared wirelessly in full screen / side-by-side layout, which is designed to increase content-sharing flexibility
It is equipped with USB touch back and moderation mode functions, allowing presenters to easily control meetings
Its PoE connectivity makes installation easy
It’s perfectly suited for both huddle spaces and large meeting spaces and is flexible enough for corporate or educational use

VP2021 is a 4K Wireless Presentation Switch with Quad View
There are two more distinctive points apart from VP2020:
It features quad view model allowing up to four sources can be shared wirelessly in full screen / side-by-side/quad view layout
This solution also features remote view for all participants to immerse themselves in the presentation

Such wireless connectivity supports all major operating platforms, including Windows, macOS and Android, through the dedicated ATEN Wireless Presentation Switch App. It allows up to 8 attendees to join the meeting remotely while enabling up to 20 to attend via Ethernet connection. With the capability of displaying multiple sources simultaneously, content can be presented. in full-screen / side-by-side screen and quad view layouts. The USB-C and USB Type-A ports feature touchback functionality, delivering seamless operation of a presentation directly from a connected touchscreen or mouse.

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