AXA Hong Kong and HSBC jointly launch HelperShield Insurance

Comprehensive protection for both employers and domestic helpers

Extensive coverage and support services to help customers expect the unexpected
Media OutReach – 15 September 2022 – With an increasing market demand for domestic helpers in recent years, AXA Hong Kong (“AXA”) and HSBC launch a new insurance plan, “HelperShield Insurance”, to offer comprehensive protection to both employers and their domestic helpers. HelperShield Insurance covers not only foreign domestic helpers, but also local (part-time) domestic helpers and postnatal care helpers.

Exceptional clinical expenses coverage up to HKD300 per visit per day for foreign domestic helpers1

Extensive protection for employers, including foreign domestic helper replacement expenses coverage1

Fraud and dishonesty protection that covers foreign domestic helpers, local (part-time) domestic helpers and postnatal care helpers

24-hour home assistance service hotline

Kenneth Lai, Chief General Insurance Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau, said, “Domestic helpers have been playing an increasingly important role in many families in Hong Kong. With the strong and still growing demand for domestic helpers, we are delighted to partner with HSBC to offer the comprehensive helper protection ‘HelperShield Insurance’, providing extensive coverage for both employers and domestic helpers, while giving them reassurance in dealing with unexpected issues. With ‘HelperShield Insurance’, it means employers can take good care of their helpers, while the helpers take care of their household chores.”
Daisy Tsang, Chief Distribution and Customer Officer, Hong Kong, HSBC Life, said, “Our domestic helper insurance has always been well received by the market given it is readily available online with a simple and straightforward customer journey. We are delighted to partner with AXA again to launch an elevated version of our domestic helper insurance with added features and more extensive coverage. We believe the extended cover for local domestic helpers and postnatal care helpers echoes with our commitment in facilitating inclusion via various products, providing more customers with the right protection they need.”
HelperShield Insurance provides comprehensive protection and value-added services to cover both employers and domestic helpers, including:
All-round medical protection for foreign domestic helpers with clinical expenses coverage up to HKD300 per daily visit
In Hong Kong, it is a statutory requirement for employers to provide their foreign domestic helpers with free medical treatment in the event that the foreign domestic helper is ill or suffers personal injury during the period of employment, irrespective of whether it arises out of employment. To ease the employer’s financial burden at the times the foreign domestic helper suffers from illness or injury, HelperShield Insurance provides an exceptional support package for foreign domestic helpers with extensive medical expense coverage, offering clinical expenses coverage1 up to HKD300 per daily visit.
In addition, HelperShield Insurance especially provides optional critical illness benefits for foreign domestic helpers, covering related medical treatment expenses for surgery or treatment of the covered major critical illnesses, up to HKD50,000 per policy year. In the event of death of the foreign domestic helper, an annual leave allowance1 up to HKD500 per day taken, as well as trauma counselling benefits are offered to support the employer through the journey.
Extensive employer protection covering foreign domestic helper replacement expenses
AXA and HSBC fully understand that the cost of employing a new foreign domestic helper has been surging amid the pandemic. In view of this, HelperShield Insurance covers replacement expenses up to HKD5,000 per policy year1 if the replacement is required due to events such as the sudden departure of a foreign domestic helper without prior notice, early termination of an employment contract that happens more than 2 times in a year.
Fraud and dishonesty protection
HelperShield Insurance features fraud and dishonesty protection2 for employers of foreign domestic helpers, local (part-time) domestic helpers and postnatal care helpers in Hong Kong to cater for evolving demands in the domestic helper industry, up to HKD12,0001 fraud and dishonesty protection per year.
HelperShield Insurance enables the employer to meet the statutory requirement by providing up to HKD100,000,000 per event for his/her liability as an employer of a helper.
24/7 home assistance hotline support in response to emergencies
An emergency is unpredictable and can happen at any time. With HelperShield Insurance, policyholders with all types of helpers can enjoy the full support of an unlimited free 24-hour home assistance hotline service provided by AXA Assistance. This includes a variety of referral services, such as local (part-time) domestic helper and postnatal care helper referral and foreign domestic helper advisory service, free referral for legal and arbitration service for disputes with helpers or employment agencies, offering free referral service in response to unexpected events in daily life.
From now until 31 October 2022, customers who purchase “HelperShield Insurance” will be entitled to the following discounts:

2-year Foreign Domestic Helper Plan – 25% perpetual premium discount and additional HKD150 Wellcome vouchers upon each successful application during the promotion period

1-year Foreign Domestic Helper Plan / Local (part-time) Domestic Helper Plan – 20% perpetual premium discount

Postnatal Care Helper Plan – 20% premium discount

To learn more about “HelperShield Insurance”, please visit:
The above information is for reference only. Terms and Conditions apply. For details on the product features, content, terms and exclusions, please refer to the policy provision.

1 Applicable to foreign domestic helper, comprehensive plan only.

2 The act of fraud or dishonesty must be committed during the period of insurance and discovered during the period of insurance or within 30 days after the policy expiry or within 30 days after death, dismissal or expiry of employment contract of the insured helper, whichever is the sooner, and the discovery must be reported to the police within 24 hours of the discovery.

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