AXA launched “WiseProtect Pro Medical Insurance Plan”

Annual benefit limit up to MOP40million and no lifetime benefit limit
Fully cover1 prescribed medical treatments with no waiting period
“Noble” benefit level provides worldwide2 medical coverage
Media OutReach – 23 May 2022 – AXA Hong Kong and Macau (AXA) today announced the launch of
“WiseProtect Pro Medical Insurance Plan” (“WiseProtect Pro”), which offers customers a comprehensive and quality protection with medical coverage including up to MOP40 million annual benefit limit, no lifetime benefit limit, full coverage1 for qualified medical treatments and no waiting period. In addition, the top-notch “Noble” benefit level provides worldwide medical coverage (excluding the USA)2 to address the needs of those customers who are studying abroad or on business trips.
Three notable features of the
WiseProtect Pro are as follows:
1) No lifetime benefit limit; up to MOP40 million annual benefit limit
In view of the continuously rising medical costs, customers at all benefit levels of “WiseProtect Pro” will enjoy the coverages without lifetime benefit limit. The annual benefit limits of the “Regular”, “Enhance” and “Premier” benefit levels are MOP5 million, MOP25 million and MOP30 million respectively. Customers of the “Noble” benefit level will enjoy an annual benefit limit of up to MOP40 million. The coverage allows our customers to focus on addressing their health issues without worrying about exhausting the benefit limit.
2) “Noble” benefit level provides global2 medical coverage
Embracing the concept of global citizenship, the top-notch “Noble” benefit level provides worldwide2 non-emergency treatment coverage, so customers can receive quality medical protection even when they are abroad. Policyholders can also receive private nursing service provided by a qualified nurse for a maximum of 30 days per policy year during their hospitalisation. Insured persons under the age of 18 who are hospitalised for at least 5 consecutive days can receive extra financial support of up to MOP5,0003. Within 180 days of discharging from a hospital and with the recommendation from doctor, the insured customer can also receive additional rehabilitation support of up to MOP80,000 for a maximum of 90 days per policy year, covering the expenses for related treatments according to medical advice, in an accredited hospital or a licensed rehabilitation facility.
In addition, all “WiseProtect Pro” customers can enjoy worldwide emergency treatment coverage. Comprehensive protection will be available to an insured person who is unfortunately involved in an accident when travelling and in need of emergency treatment to prevent death, permanent damage or other severe consequences.
3) Up to 180 days of
follow-up outpatient visits after discharged from hospitalisation for major or complex surgical procedures with no claim limit; full coverage1 for prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments
“WiseProtect Pro” provides immediate and all-inclusive protection after the policy is effective with no waiting period. It also offers full coverage1 for prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments and an unlimited number of designated follow-up outpatient claims within 180 days after discharge from hospitalisation for major or complex surgical procedures. With the new benefit covering specified reconstructive surgeries, including oral and maxillofacial procedures after an accident and breast reconstruction surgery, “WiseProtect Pro” can help its customers go through different health challenges.
Furthermore, policyholders of the “Enhance” benefit level can enjoy a daily cash benefit4 of MOP1,000 during their hospitalisation in a lower ward class in Hong Kong and Macau, while those of the “Premier” and “Noble” benefit levels can receive MOP2,000.
A series of additional supporting services to address insured persons’ medical needs at all times
In addition, a cashless service within the AXA Signature Network will be available for the policyholders of “WiseProtect Pro”, in order to save customers’ time when handling medical claims. Moreover, “WiseProtect Pro” offers a free medical consultation service for policyholders to receive a second medical opinion from doctors through face-to-face meetings. Under “WiseProtect Pro”, qualified nurses can be arranged to provide the insured with advices and timely supports throughout the entire recovery journey.
Kevin Chor, Chief Life and Health Insurance Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau, said, “According to statistics, the total health expenditure rose at an average annual rate of 5.6%5 in the past 30 years. In view of this, we are pleased to launch ‘WiseProtect Pro’ which enables our customers to enjoy a comprehensive protection with a higher maximum annual benefit with no lifetime benefit limit. The ‘Noble’ benefit level allows the insured to receive medical treatment globally in most countries and regions to fully address their needs anytime and anywhere. ‘WiseProtect Pro’ underscores our commitment in facing future challenges together with our customers and being their lifetime companion.”
The upgraded
“WiseProtect Pro” provides multiple levels of protection. For more information about this product, please visit:
The above information is for reference only. For details on product features, content, terms and exclusions, please refer to the product brochure, policy provision and promotional leaflet.

1 Full coverage shall mean the actual amount of eligible expenses and other expenses charged after deducting the remaining deductible (if any), and is subject to the annual benefit limit and other conditions as stated in the product brochure and policy contract.

2 Worldwide excluding USA shall mean worldwide excluding USA. USA shall mean the United States of America and US Minor Outlying Islands.

3 One claim per policy year.

4 Maximum 10 days per confinement

5 Information from Hong Kong’s Domestic Healthcare Accounts released by the Food and Health Bureau.


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