Batt:RE launches New Electric Scooter ‘Stor:ie’ on World Environment Day

~ Stor:ie comes with Metal Panels, Connected Drive and an ergonomically designed experience ~

Bangalore, India, 6th June 2022: Batt:RE, an electric scooters manufacturer, unveiled its new scooter – Stor:ie, on the occasion of World Environment Day. Stor:ie is a strategic addition to expand Batt:RE’s EV portfolio and a stepping stone to a greener future. Stor:ie comes packed with a host of new features such as Metal Panels, Connected Drive, and has an ergonomically designed experience for better city commute, all at a price of INR 89,600 (ex-showroom price excluding state subsidy nationally). Stor:ie is eligible for the FAME II subsidy and will be available in 400 dealerships across India.

Stor:ie has some remarkable features which include a smart speedometer integrated with Bluetooth connectivity and turn by turn navigation. You can also receive call alerts on the smart dashboard. Its Connected Drive feature locates and navigates to the nearest charging station with an easy ‘pay and charge’ concept for convenience. Stor:ie boasts one of the biggest seats and footboards in its category which will aid in better city commute. The scooter has been designed keeping in mind user comfort without compromising on safety. As a feature, users can also have a complete diagnostic summary of the scooter on the go. It is among the only e-scooters to sport a metal panel along its body to make it more durable and resistant to scrapes. This sets it apart from any scooter in its segment by providing an extra layer of durability on uncertain roads.

Stor:ie is powered by a Lucas TVS motor and controller with an AIS 156 approved 3.1kWh battery pack which gives a mileage of approximately 132Km on a single charge (ICAT Certified). Extensive focus has been placed on Research and Development to make it a safer and reliable vehicle. Stringent testing norms have been put in place by thoroughly testing the scooter for 100,000 kilometres to prevent the initiation and propagation of thermal runaway (fire) additional to what AIS 156 mandates. These safety measures combined with Stor:ie‘s combined braking system aids in better control on all roads.

Commenting on this, Nishchal Chaudhary, Founder & Director, Batt:RE said, “At Batt:RE, we believe in delivering the absolute best; be it a product or a consumer experience. As a firm step, towards sustainability we are delighted to announce our newest offering Stor:ie, a product of superior engineering and fine craftsmanship designed to ease the life of Indian consumers. Stor:ie is not just a product, it is a means to bridge the gap between the present and a future of easier and greener mobility. Our offerings are a testament to our rigorous safety protocols and a vision for a better tomorrow. We look forward to creating a robust portfolio of products that are high on innovation and meet the evolving demands of our conscious consumers.”

Batt:RE has a presence in over 20 states and 400+ dealerships from Kashmir all the way till Kanyakumari. Having sold over 30,000 scooters, Batt:RE helps consumers travel a distance of 1.86 Cr Kms and save up to 3.6 Cr worth of fuel every month , and reduce monthly CO2 emissions by a whopping 4,86,000 Kgs thereby creating a better environmental footprint.

Stor:ie will be available in 300 cities across 400 dealerships, in the next few weeks.

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