Beehive HRMS Solutions has released its most advanced module upgrade, AI-powered “NIRMANA”, series for performance management.

Mumbai, 27th April 2023: Beehive, India’s fastest-growing Cloud-based HR Tech firm, further advances its robust HRMS platform and embeds ‘NIRMANA’, the most advanced management module with AI-powered series of products. ‘NIRMANA’, the performance management module, brings Business-centric OKRs and employee-centric performance management under one roof to unleash the full potential of every organization & get every employee on board with the company vision.

NIRMANA version is built on three key pillars: engaging, continuous and real-time feedback from the employees. The AI-powered intelligence improves everyday performance with powerfully personalized frameworks and frequency ranges supported by a talent lens that goes far beyond performance. The comprehensive suite enables the company to identify, reward, and retain high-performing employees and understand the minimum efficiency needed to balance out the overall workflow. The platform highlights a new smart dashboard, a unified screen for all possible digital HR operations. Its four-click navigation boasts a simple and user-friendly interface that enables customers to have a simple, clutter-free experience and find the most suitable options that meet their requirements.

NIRAMANA also emphasizes learning and development, identifying employee skills with its algorithm to reinvest before they become obsolete. Furthermore, the platform will assist leaders and stakeholders in making data-driven decisions, allowing leaders to invest more time in their teams and bring great ideas to the table. This will enable businesses to thrive & focus on creating a collaborative environment devoid of hierarchy, bias, or prejudice.

The new tech upgrade can predict the future improvement of the employee’s performance with advanced accuracy. This shall also bring clarity as to what are the next steps for employee engagement and growth which will increase the company’s productivity.

Mr Haresh Awatramani, CEO of Beehive, commented on the development, saying, “The future of managing employee performance is bright, all thanks to AI-driven Performance Management. The Advanced HRMS solutions provide a unified employee experience. This will power a scalable workplace and increase productivity. It will lead to significant improvements in day-to-day operations. Furthermore, Beehive’s NIRMANA series extends beyond performance management to other strategic and employee engagement modules. AI-powered performance management trends will benefit employees’ emotional and mental well-being.”

Over the previous year, Beehive has seen an astronomical 100% growth in the business. Beehive recently underwent a makeover, revealing a new brand identity. The new Beehive logo captures a fresh colour palette in a modern design.


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