Befikr Company Profile

Befikr is a leading Home Services company focused on providing top quality home services to households across different service categories. Based on a zero aggregation model, Befikr differentiates itself from the crowd by employing its own in-house team of trained, professional handyman called Befikr brothers. Started by 3 friends in January 2016, the company’s primary goals include quality home services as well as the assurance that the blue collared community can benefit from a unique business model that supports fixed income.

Befikr is a simple, yet smart solution to the multitude of problems that exist in a typical aggregation model. Stories of substandard services, overcharging, unresponsive customer care, delayed services, overworked home services professionals, etc. had become quite commonplace in the typical aggregation model. Befikr was launched to eliminate such issues and create a synergistic model that benefits both households and home services professionals.

With the assurance of an in-house job and fixed income, Befikr brothers can focus on their work to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Extensive technical training as well as soft skills training is regularly provided to Befikr brothers, which elevates customer experience to an altogether new level.Befikr has also pioneered the concept of cluster offices, strategically located across different parts of the city, which helps ensure quick and efficient operations.

Befikr is currently operational in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and Pune with pan-India expansion plans on the horizon. The company has around 100 Befikr brothers ready to serve the various needs of households. Owing to its top quality home services, Befikr has registered average volume growth of more than 70% month-on-month since January 2016. Revenue has grown 10 times during the same period with a month-on-month growth of 60%. The current annualized revenue run rate is approximately 2.0 crore. Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing is helping Befikr to serve new households every day.

Befikr seeks to further boost its growth and improve efficiencies through technological intervention, aiming for complete automation of processes and business. This will help the company to drive the next wave of rapid growth as well as enhance customer experience. The company is also targeting strategic partnerships to improve its business prospects. Befikr recently entered an exclusive service agreement and co-branding partnership with for the entire Delhi-NCR region to cater to households looking for car care services. More such partnerships are being discussed. In the near future, Befikr is looking to infuse funds for business expansion, upgrading its technology infrastructure and brand building.

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