Bengaluru Homebuyers rate access to public spaces, green surroundings and sustainable lifestyle as top priorities: Godrej Properties Home Livability Factors Study

Key findings of the Bengaluru research report:

89% prefer easy access to schools, shops & markets, and public spaces while purchasing new homes

84% prefer green open spaces and have plants at home

79% have been practicing sustainable lifestyle at home

Bengaluru, 07th February, 2023: Being close to nature has become an important parameter for homebuyers in Bengaluru. Preferences indicated home purchases are influenced on the basis of proximity to open spaces, green cover, and nature reserves. The study revealed that the majority of people residing in the Silicon Valley of India are making conscious efforts to connect with nature in and around their homes wherein 84% of respondents from Bengaluru prefer their homes surrounded by greenery.

52% of respondents stated that they have plants at home which make them happy. Another 32% of respondents are of the view that plants are fundamentally important for them both inside and outside their homes.

The recently launched, Godrej Properties study, Home Livability Factors underscores the fundamental shift in homebuyers’ preferences with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the significant alterations that it has brought about in their preference for residential apartments.

Homes surrounded by trees and greenery also help people to stay healthy and maintain mental well-being. This seems to be a major reason for 3 out of 4 respondents in Bengaluru are of the view that home is a place to maintain health and mental well-being.

The survey also revealed that residents of Bengaluru prioritize family living as 51% of respondents feel that a home is a place to live well as a family unit. They are second next to Kolkata wherein 59% echoed similar preferences. Around 71% of respondents from Bengaluru have also placed hobbies and passions as a fundamental aspect of their lifestyle change post the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pramod Bisht, CEO South Zone, Godrej Properties , said, “People have become environment conscious. They aspire to live in homes that are surrounded by open spaces, complimented by ample greenery and serene surroundings. At Godrej Properties, we understand the native needs of our homebuyers and craft bespoke residential spaces surrounded by greenery and paved access to open spaces. We design smart homes that are not only technologically evolved but offer contemporary facilities in terms of safety, security, and well-being thus enhancing the overall livability quotient.”

The study also brought to the fore that the pandemic-induced lockdown has influenced 79% of respondents to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Of these, 49% of them stated that they have started laying impetus on energy conservation, avoiding wastage of food and water. The remaining 30% of them claimed that they are absolutely conscious of their daily use of water and energy and have adopted recycling.

The study also posed reactions to how their work schedule reflected in their homes. At least 67% of respondents from Bengaluru claim that they have made some adjustments to work from home.

Data findings are a part of the research study Home Livability Factors unveiled by Godrej Properties Ltd. (GPL) which surveyed respondents from seven cities of Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Chennai.

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