Best external SSDs from Western Digital to make content creation more convenient than ever

While we all know content is king, it would never be the same without the right technological tools. There’s the vetting of content, managing folders and assets, sharing, and receiving docs, pictures, videos, and lots more. Read ahead to discover the portable, handy SSD companions from Western Digital to do it all seamlessly and efficiently manage time while being productive.

SanDisk Extreme PRO® Portable SSD V2

SanDisk Extreme PRO® Portable SSD V2, a rugged, and dependable storage solution, works wonders in sharing data between different systems at work, thereby aiding quick and consolidated outputs. The SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD provides powerful solid-state performance in a pocket-sized device for an on-the-go lifestyle as it comes with up to two-meter drop protection and IP55 water and dust resistance. The SSD features insane 2000MB/s read/write speeds in a portable drive that’s reliable enough to take on any adventure.


Price: Rs. 15,779 for 1TB

SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 SSD

Inspired by the way people create and share data today, PRO-G40 SSD is the company’s most rugged offering to date with a high-level IP68 rating, which allows professionals to immerse themselves in the action wherever their work or vision takes them. The drive boasts super-fast speeds up to 2700MB/s3 read3 and 1900MB/s write3 with a Thunderbolt™ 3 (40Gbps) interface. Move up to 50GB in 30 seconds or less and power through even the most demanding workloads. The cool aluminum core pulls heat away from the internal drive to help maintain super-fast transfer speeds over time. The dual-mode compatibility with both Thunderbolt 3 (40Gbps) and USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) hosts through a single port makes collaboration across devices easier for maximized efficiency. The PRO-G40 SSD has a pro-grade enclosure that is ready for any adventure and delivers a premium strength you can feel. Its ultra-rugged design with IP68 dust/water resistance, up to 4000-pound (1800Kgs) crush resistance, and up to 3-meter drop resistance4 help withstand the elements in just about every location for ultra-durability.


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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceMy Passport SSD from WD

When dabbling between copious amounts of data – it’s necessary to have a tool that stores it and offers fast speed. In such situations, My Passport SSD to ensures everything we creates and edits is in one place – without the threat of losing data. It has a built-in 256-bit AES hardware encryption with password protection which further helps me keep data secure and confidential! Additionally, this beautiful SSD comes in a slim form factor that makes it easy to carry around, is ready to use right out of the box and is also compatible with PC as well as Mac.


Price: Rs. 13,871 for 500GB

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Description automatically generatedWD Elements SE SSD

The WD Elements SE SSD offers affordable performance in a pocket-size design as this hero fits right into the size of your palm. Whether you’re on the job or creating for fun, the WD Elements™ SE SSD puts you in control of your content across a laptop, desktop, and other devices. The seamless plug-and-play functionality of the drive is just another feather in the hat.

While a content creator’s life is action-packed, every step is made simpler by Western Digital and its wide range of SSD solutions from its various brands – which I feel are a blessing to creators, gamers, professionals, or literally anyone dealing with data!


Price: Rs. 7499 for 1TB

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