Best food to order for Christmas Feast 2023

It’s time to get excited about Christmas. Whether your goal is to be the most entertaining host, are planning how to impress on Christmas Day, or are just wondering how to spice up the food at your Christmas party, all the big names and regular contestants have introduced seasonal menus to make entertaining a lot simpler. Christmas delivery slots fill up quickly, so keep in mind that your location will also affect availability. There are still lots of holiday favourites available online or in-store, even though some retailers have already shuttered their food-to-order section for this year. In light of that, Here’s your guide to the Christmas fare you should serve, from quality and fresh meats to nutritious snacks for the main course.


The idea for Meisterwurst originated in Bangalore in 2017 and came from Mr. Arthur Maurer, a German who loved Indian food and Indian people. Meisterwurst was founded with the express purpose of providing the public with the freshest, highest-quality processed meats and a wide range of genuine flavours. The company overcame the difficulties presented by the processed food industry by establishing a factory, opening retail locations throughout India, building relationships with wholesalers and distributors, and quickly rising to prominence in the FMCG sector.

Founded in – 2017

Founder – Arthur Maurer


In India, Licious is a renowned online meat and seafood delivery business. They provide a wide range of fresh, clean, and high-quality products, such as fish, poultry, mutton, and ready-to-cook foods. Licious guarantees that the meat and seafood come directly from reliable sources by using a farm-to-fork strategy. Customers may easily place orders via their website or mobile app, and they place a high priority on upholding strict hygiene requirements and preserving the cold chain. To complement the flavours of their meats and seafood, Licious also offers a variety of marinades, spreads, and sauces.

Founded In: 2015

Founders: Abhay Hanjura, Vivek Gupta

iD Fresh Food

ID Fresh Food began as idli and dosa batter, quickly becoming well-known for its premium ingredients, true flavour, and ease of use. They grew to include paneer, curd, parotas, chapatis, and chutneys, among other classic Indian foods. Their emphasis on quality and freshness, adherence to hygienic regulations, and use of cutting-edge technology free of preservatives are crucial to their success. They distribute their products via a cold chain. ID Fresh Food has garnered recognition, broadened its global reach to include the US, UAE, Singapore, and Malaysia, and tailored its product line to suit local tastes.

Founded In: 2005

Founders: PC Musthafa, Abdul Nazer, Shamsudeen TK, Jafar, Noushad TA


Renowned for its fresh and superior products, TenderCuts is an online meat and seafood delivery service that is widely used in India. They provide a large selection of products that are supplied by reliable vendors, such as chicken, mutton, fish, and prawns. TenderCuts uses vacuum-sealed packaging, adheres to stringent standards, and places a high priority on sanitation and freshness. Through their website or app, customers can conveniently place orders, choose their desired cuts, and schedule suitable delivery times. TenderCuts offers a variety of payment alternatives along with first-rate customer service.

Founded In: 2016

Founders: Nishanth Chandran

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